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  • RE: Known Warlock Patrons

    Luza - The Red
    The reverse of Azul. A red entity, in opposition to Azul, or maybe the same entity. Or the inverse. It's kind of confusing.

    Originally manifested with the red hexblade of the warlock Charion, which occasionally asked for more red (often in the form of blood) to be spread.

    Kind of a moot point now, as Charion and Jared managed to convince Azul and Luza to come together into Azuluza.

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  • RE: Monster Hunters International Prelude Questions

    @earthjedi1 said in Monster Hunters International Prelude Questions:

    a. Any family members/pets?
    b. What did you do for a living?
    c. What happened to make you aware that monsters are real?
    d. What was your run in with the MCB like?
    e. What made you decide to go to MHI hunter training?

    I would frame the questions to produce more gameable material in the immediate sense. I'd be looking for situation and NPCs. Situation, meaning, something I can immediately push on to make a player act and NPCs who I can threaten or who can threaten the PC.

    I'm assuming the game is about hunting monsters (Heh). Again, I have no idea about this game, so these questions might need to be reworded to make more sense.

    Here are what my questions would be:

    1. What monster are you hunting right now? Why?
    2. What monster do you have a vendetta against? Which family member or friend did they harm? How did they get away?
    3. When you realized monsters were real, who did you first tell about it? Why? How did you change?
    4. Who did you rely on during training to help you get through? Who wanted you to fail?
    5. Who is your rival at the MCB? Who do you trust?
    6. What is the thing you've given up since becoming a monster hunter? Which relationship has suffered?
    7. Where do you get your weapons / tools / ammo?
    8. Who fixes your vehicles / other equipment?

    And so on.

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