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Knights of the Five Kingdoms

Jousting, melee, questing, you know. Knight shit.

  • RE: Day 2!

    Sir Axel grabs a lance from William of Rosewood, ignoring the mocking jabs of Douchey Larue.

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    A cousin of Lord Dalton's is shouting from the grandstands.

    Sir Axell! As I said, no unhorsing! Ha! I'll be by your tent later to collect my coin!

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    Sir Gabriel and Sir Axell take the field for the first joust of the day. Both are in the winner's bracket and thus, a loss means that they will not be eliminated, only sent to the Loser's bracket.

    Pass 1

    • Sir Gabriel charges forward, steady seated, and aims his lance high at Sir Axell's helm. Sir Axell leans and the lance misses entirely! (Result: M, no points)

    • Sir Axell rides hard leaning left and aims chief pale. It strikes hard against Sir Gabriel's shield splintering the lance! (Result: B, +1 points)

    The first pass goes to Axell, but there will be more! The crowd cheers!

    1st Pass Scoring

    Sir Axell: 1 point
    Sir Gabriel: 0 points

    Sir Axell, you broke your lance and must ride Steady Seated on pass two!

    @Gombar and @Salyer send me your second pass AP/DP!

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  • Day 2!

    The crowd is more hotly anticipating the jousts of the day, as these jousts will begin to eliminate knights from the tourney and drive toward a final champion! @Knights-of-the-Five-Kingdoms

    The Spring air is crisp and clean, if thin this high up on the mountains, something you've noticed in your horses' performances. The smell of crisped bacon and fresh manure fills the air. Soldiers and squires are grumbling awake after a night of revelry, immediately heading for the feeding lines and hair of the dog. Trumpets sound as the nobles make their way to the grandstands.

    Let the games begin!

    The first joust of the day will be the Winner's bracket. Sir Axell against Sir Gabriel. @Judge_John and @Gombar send me your first pass!


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