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  • RE: The Alley

    I have to catch Star Trek before it closes and I might be going to see Saucy Jack. I'm going to miss the Alley.

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  • RE: The Fall of Delta Green - Looking For Players

    @mike I've been reading it (slowly) and while I'm not sold on the Gumshoe system yet, all of the flavor is incredible. It's like reading a novel in RPG form almost.

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  • The Fall of Delta Green - Looking For Players

    I picked up the incredible Fall of Delta Green by Kenneth Hite at Origins Game Fair and I am looking to put together a one-shot to help me wrap my head around the rules and learn the game. If you are interested in playing, let me know.

    In The Fall of Delta Green, players take on the role of DELTA GREEN agents, members of the United States government tasked with eliminating alien, otherworldly, and “hypergeometrical” threats foreign and domestic in the 1960s. You pursue immortal Nazis in Argentina, sex cults with a dark secret in California, and worse things lurk in the jungles of southeast Asia than communists. Furthermore, something alien, hostile, strange, and foreign is embedded within the US government itself.


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  • RE: Origins Game Fair 2018

    Origins 2018

    First, let me just say that the convention is, in a lot of ways, poorly run. Information was hard to get, I heard stories of games being oversold by mistake and 11 players showing up for a game meant for 6, and the Origins phone app was terrible. Trying to find which games still had open slots was next to impossible. All that being said, I had an amazing time.

    Running Call of Cthulhu in the Rogue Cthulhu Room
    I ran seven out of a scheduled eight games of Call of Cthulhu in the Rogue Cthulhu room and it was an incredible experience. Anyone that knows me, knows that Call of Cthulhu is my game and running at Origins made me feel like a bad ass. I had the opportunity to run three sessions of my soon-to-be published Chaosium Convention Scenario, "The Outlaws of Desolation Peak," and each of my three groups approached the scenario in a different way and kept it entertaining. I also ran a couple of sessions of a Wild West scenario I call, "The Medicine Man," and a couple of sessions of "Silent Cthulhu."

    In my second session of the Con, one of the players joined my game because he had heard that my Scenario was making it's "official" debut at Gencon and he was hoping to get to play the scenario with the author. It was a humbling experience.

    All week, I had players tell me how much they were loving my games, some telling me it was the best game they played at the Con, and others even coming back to join more sessions simply because I was GMing. In my last session, when I made it to the table and some of the players realized that I was the GM (they had played with me the previous day), they clapped. GMing at Origins was an overall awesome experience and it made me feel like a total bad ass.

    Playing Games
    Playing games in my free time was a bit of a mixed bag. The first game I played was called Deadlands Noir: Wildcards and I signed up for it in the Indie Games on Demand Room because I thought it was standard Deadlands Noir. It wasn't. The game is currently in an early state and it's a GMless RPG being designed by the team at Pinnacle. I wasn't a fan of the game but the people playing with me were fun.

    I also played an absolutely bonkers game of dread that lasted up past 1 AM. I will NEVER forget that game.

    On Saturday night, I was excited because Indie Games on Demand was offering World Wide Wrestling RPG. I picked up a boarding pass and skipped another game I wanted to play, and then when I got there at 8, the game had been taken off the menu. I figured that I would just jump into something else and all would be good, so I picked a Doctor Who PBtA game (it was the only thing that even remotely interested me) and sat down at the table. We went through character creation, took a break, and when we got back, the GM decided he couldn't continue to run the game. He said he had ran 4 games over the Con and was just too tired to continue. It was a bummer, because that was my last opportunity to play. I felt a little cheated.

    Other Stuff
    I had the opportunity to meet a lot of people I had only interacted with by e-mail, make some new contacts, and I found some time on Saturday night to hang out with "The Louisville Contingency."

    I knew I was going to want to buy a few things so I put some money back in anticipation of that and I ended up walking out with Ken Hite's The Fall of Delta Green and another Pelgrane Press book called Cthulhu City. I also picked up three sets of dice from three different dice manufacturers.

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  • Origins Game Fair 2018

    Hey all, anyone else go to Origins this year? What did you think of the convention and what did you play/do?

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  • RE: Free RPG Day

    @dmattingly I kickstarted that game and keep meaning to run or play it. I was going to jump into a game at Origins but my schedule was packed just a little too tightly.

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  • RE: Newb LFG for D&D

    Hey all, Slur Your Role is coming up this Sunday and it great for new players. All rules are taught at the table and pre-gens are provided for low-level games.

    Check it out!

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  • RE: Origins Game Fair

    @mike I didn't, but I thought about it.

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  • RE: Origins Game Fair

    I'll be at Origins but I already have a room.

    I'll also be at Gencon, but I think I have the room nailed down there as well.

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