Nerd Louisville Community Code of Conduct

  • Nerd Louisville is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization for the purpose of promoting community through creative games and interests. Our activities on this site (including your activities) should unite nerds and not divide them.


    If you are under 18 years of age, you must have the permission of a parent to participate on this site.


    We intend this site to be rated PG-13, not rated X. Occasional obscene language and partially nude art are allowed. Pornography is not allowed. If you want to use foul language, consider requesting a private group discussion area.


    This site is intended to promote and enable nerds, not to shame or divide us. No personal insults! No edition wars! No political arguments! Do not bully, harass, or intimidate anyone. As a 501(c)(3), we are explicitly prohibited from political campaigning, so don't do it!

    Nerd Louisville is committed to diversity, so do not disparage any race, sex, religious beliefs, national origin, disability, sexual orientation, or sexual identity. Hate speech of any type will not be tolerated. Try to be supportive of all your fellow nerds.


    Do not promote, glorify, facilitate, or conduct any illegal activity on this site. Do not impersonate anyone, including Nerd Louisville officers or users, by screen name or self-representation. Do not make any false claims in order to obtain sensitive information from any members.


    Site moderators may use their judgment to enforce these rules and otherwise ensure that content meets the purpose and mission of Nerd Louisville.

    Inappropriate content may be edited or deleted, and access may be suspended or banned withofut warning. All users of must agree to these community rules and this code of conduct.

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