Maze of the Blue Medusa Lore

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    If you post a Maze of the Blue Medusa play report here, detailing the rooms entered, NPCs encountered, and any other useful information, you will get bonus XP.

  • Tl;dr version! I noticed that the write up I did ended up being like over 9000 (what 9000!) pages long, so here’s the short version. If you’d like more details check out the following post, which is actually in character. This is more of what we encountered mechanically.

    -The first room was fancy, but the occupant was dead. Probably friendly? We brought her back to life, and ejected her to safety outside of the maze.
    -Second room has an NPC dragonlady who offers gems in exchange for odd treasures from the maze. Speaks draconic and common.
    -The second room splits into three paths, left right and center. We went right; center was some sort of riddle, and left we wanted nothing to do with; some sort of bird creature and a series of platforms to climb up, iirc. We went right.
    -Right is a room with altered gravity, like an Esher painting. Was defended by a large man with a moon head, who used his head as a weapon. Hits hard, can petrify. We ran from the fight.
    -Next room had gears on the floor, that needed a small dex save to get across safely. Plants came to life; one AOE burning hands was enough to kill them.
    -Next room had a shark man who required you to sing to get passed or he’d take your ear bones. We sang and got through, but he wanted us to get the pixie in the room to sing with him. We eventually killed him.
    -We freed the pixie in the next room, who has offered to guide any of the four of us in in exchange for finding and saving her brother.
    -A gem lion came from the next room (we couldn’t case the room, ran out of time) . We defeated it as well.

    -Upon entering the maze again, the dragon lady was not in the hall. Instead, crow people(?) in plague doctor masks attacked us. Pretty easy battle, though our Paladin took a decent chunk of damage.
    -We went right again at first, into the MC Esher staircase room. There were bodies hanging with weapons stabbed through them. We pulled one down and found a rare painting and a +1 sword. I thought it'd be a good idea to dispel magic, and accidentally destroyed the room we were in... so no one can go right now. Silly me! (I feel really bad..)
    -We went back through the riddle room this time, which IIRC was "Dancing, Dashing, Bleeding, Racing, Death, and repeat". We managed to get one person across; I went across with my lapis lion and it got sucked into the floor, like a 2D platformer. With mixed success getting across, some of us went into the floor, killed a face-monster, and destroyed the 2D landscape. Used Banishment to get out.
    -(Went for food at this point so I'm not 100% sure what this room was filled with, but there was some sort of charm mechanic that made our fighter attack the party.)
    -Two doorways here, one was filled with flying eyes that we eventually took, however it seemed to paralyze people on sight. The right doorway lead to a room we didn't go in because it filled us with dread.
    -Monsters all over in this room, including three sisters and some sort of caster.
    (Wilrun can take it from here since he did the rest ;) )

    Update for 1/15 SYR
    -From the Blue Dragon lady room (room two) we took a left instead. Room with large "steps" carved out of stone. There was a large light that moved throughout the room. Anywhere there was shadow created some sort of pit trap. IIRC it was 25ft deep? Also fought a couple easy floating mobs that could possess via a failed CHA save.
    -Two Doors; one north, one west. We went west again; Room covered in dead(?) flora and vines. Statues in the room. Not sure if they were hostile or not, but one creeped up on a party member and one groped my character on the butt. It lost an arm. We moved on.
    =West again. Moved into another room, with healthier flora, and IIRC Dyrads (or some other plant creature) which took the caricature of " Zamia", a sort of demi-god sister of the maze. One PC found a hidden frog that could be used to create poison, one PC extracted sap to be used for healing items later, and one PC made out with the dyrad which allowed us safe passage. Score one for romance! Only one exit IIRC.
    -West, again. This room was tiny. Two doors, one with a shiny green light under it (South). We went south.
    -Oh boy. Since this is the tl;dr I'll make this brief and make a new journal post with more info, but! There was a giant heart in this middle of this room that I believe to be the heart of all the plantlife in the area (FYI: name of the area we were in was called the Gardens.) There were three "guardians" of the gardens, three cat-like creatures made out of flowers. Asked to help them get rid of a demon that was corrupting the plant life and had somehow starved the plants of water.
    -West, once more, to fight Carnifex, the Cackling fiend. This was our first real serious combat encounter of the maze, although with two level 11's it was a bit easier than it probably would have been otherwise. There were a lot of little minon creatures that died easily (maybe 8hp?) and the boss Carnifex. He had a giant demonic wrench that had lifesteal and all magic had a chance of rebounding on the caster.
    Killing the fiend, we then repaired the pipes in the room, and the water began to flow again. We reported back to the guardians, who gave us rings that would allow us safe passage through the gardens from henceforth (from plant life specifically, not other "dangers')

  • From the pages of the diary of Rinn Isisliel;

    *I couldn't believe it. I'd heard of the rumors, of course, that the hedge wizard Polk had found an artifact that would allow us into the Maze of the Blue Medusa- I know I already wrote this, but I /couldn't believe it./ Polk has a reputation of being more of a pathetic sort of wizard, so it bears repearting one more time... the situation was a bit unlikely.

    But just as he promised, the moon projected onto a odd sort of painting, and we were suddenly away. It was quite obvious that we were out of Polk's grimey tower and into a new world.

    My companions and I.. wait, I totally forgot to mention my compatriots. Silly me! Wilrian the Paladin, an interesting sort of person, although a bit too... doting on the fairer sex. We had a dwarf with us, by the name of Ruckelford. I trusted him in battle a bit more than Wilrian, simply because he didn't lose blood any time a woman was in the room.

    And my good friend Tasrek! He was the one to convince me to make the trip to this place. "There's a lot of magic in the maze! Maybe something we can use to defend Manifest!"

    Or maybe something that would let me get back at a certain someone..

    But I'm getting off track. We all had our reasons for being in the maze, and as we entered we found a naked woman, stabbed with a knife and surely dead. Wilrian went to examine the body, while Tasrek, Ruck, and my familiar Harvey looked around the room; eventually I spotted Wilrian... well, star struck. It slightly irked me, so I sicked Harvey on him. Apparently he was charmed, so I looked to be helping instead of punishing. Whoops! [shrug]

    He eventually casted Lay on Hands, and it /brought her back to life./ By all honesty, I believed her to be dead; I think we all did, and I still think she was a threat of some kind to our party. She keep insisting that she needed help.. and I needed her out of the way. I was unnerved by her, to be honest- I had Harvey grab some blood and hair from her and I banished her from the Maze.

    After allowing the party to gather their wits, we came across another female; what are the odds? This one, however, had scales over her body, horns off her head. Spoke in Draconic. Real creepy stuff! But she simply offered us payment for bringing her anything we should procure that would be, in her words, "interesting".

    After scoping out the rooms ahead of us (logic puzzle of some kind..) and to the left (we heard squawking) We decided to take the right pathway, into a room that defies all rational properties of the world; altered gravity, stairways going left, right, upside down. Their were corpses hanging from the room, stabbed through with swords. Oh, and something that still baffles me... a man with a giant crescent moon for a head! I sent Harvey ahead to help us navigate safely and quickly, getting around the moon man quickly and into the next room...

    ...which was maybe a bad idea, since the moon man eventually followed us in. He was able to pin down Ruck with some sort of magical petrification. Meanwhile, Wilrian ran ahead to the next room, a dining hall. But I'm getting ahead of myself. The room we were in was covered in sand, hiding gears and blood. There were plants on the wall, that came to life.

    We were split up. It was time to act.

    I used my magical deck of illusions to conjure an image of some bandits, while I turned and BURNED THE PLANTS TO ASHES. Oh, it was great! The illusions gave Tasrek time to grab our dwarven friend and get him to safety; but the moon man cleaved through the illusions and threw his head as a weapon. It did hit Ruck, who, while we were able to get him across the gears in the room, but was still frozen. I was just able to free him with Dispel Magic, and we moved into the dining hall... for a second, I was busy, so I didn't really see what was going on until after; but I barred the door with the Knock spell. I turned around, and saw the room...

    Filled with water. And a shark who enjoyed singing. And Wilrun and Tasrek were dancing and singing with him. A song about how it's better? Down where it's wetter? Damn, but sometimes bards get on my nerves. This entire room was just trying my nerve. Ruck shoved as much of the stuff on the table as he could, which ended up being worth a bit. But as we left, the shark man asked us to get the pixie in the next room to sing with him..

    And we were running out of time, we were beginning to turn transparent.

    The Pixie, Ysanne, asked us to free her, but she didn't know where the key was. The party began to look, but I knew time was of the essence, and I unlocked her gilded cage with Knock. She offered us knowledge on the items we seeked in the Maze, but only one of them..

    We tried to bargain with her, but... and this is my fault, completely, but the shark from the previous room burst through the door, and was pissed. I should have locked the door! I blame my headache from the song and dance number, personally.

    Meanwhile, from the other doorway in the room, a large crystal Lion walked in, and stared us down.

    Pinned between two strong enemies. Ruck and Wilrian went after the Lion, while I made eye contact with Tasrek. He knew the gameplan. "Tasrek special?"

    I polymorphed the shark into a seahorse. A SEAHORSE! I'd been wanting to do that since I saw Tasrek do it. Tasrek opened his bag of devouring and Harvey dove down, grabbed the seahorse, and pitched it into the bag. Wilrian and Ruck beat the living hell out of the Lion, breaking it into a thousand pieces... which I promptly took. I figured I'd be able to piece the lion back together, and give it life again. Wouldn't that be just awesome? A lion to protect me, an owl to scout for me, and me to rain fire from the heavens... ohohohohoho..

    We managed to just make a deal with the pixie Ysanne, who has offered to guide us through the maze again, in exchange for finding and saving her brother, when we were whisked out of the maze. Apparently, it IS possible to get out! Just wait until the moonlight no longer hits the painting and you're automatically ejected from the maze.

    In the real world, we made deals with Polk on some of the things we aquired in the maze, and for now we have parted ways. But I have a feeling I'll be back... real soon.. *

    (ran out of steam there at the end, but! You get the picture..)

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    Very good, man! Take your bonus 1,000XP. Hopefully, it gets you closer to having those two 5th-level spell slots. 😃

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    Also, I LOVE the TL;DNR version. It'll make referencing that stuff later much easier. I highly recommend all folks do that.

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    @RinFaust wow! Excellent write up! You should do more write ups. Makes it feel like your back in the maze again!

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    @Reuben said in Maze of the Blue Medusa Lore:

    @RinFaust wow! Excellent write up! You should do more write ups. Makes it feel like your back in the maze again!

    Agreed. Awesome writeup.

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    Two days have passed since the end of the Goldthrone tournament and members of the Killer Bs emotions have been all over the place with the wins and losses. Rinn was one person Tasrek was most worried about as she seemed like she needed something to throw a fireball at but just didnt have an outlet that wouldnt cause major complications. Tasrek walked over to her and let her know of a rumor he has heard. An adventure he had been wanting to go since he had heard of a certain puzzle box that his good friend Shawn, a beholder that Tasrek plays cards with in The World's Serpent Inn, had told him may have the capability of helping Tasrek out in his quest to help protect Manifest from being destroyed again under his watch.

    Rinn was quite intrigued especially after learning about a certain bottle that was also rumored to be kept in the deep lair of Madusa's maze.

    Rinn and Tasrek had set off to find additional information at the eldritch isle's and had found two other adventures wanting to enter the maze as well, Wilrian and Ruckelford. Since these adventures had a similar goal in search of something inside the maze there was no reason why not to travel together.

    First stop was to a wizard named Polk. Rinn seemed to know about him but she seemed very unsure as his reputation did not impress her much. He informed us that he had a painting that would let us travel inside the maze and would buy many things we find as well as pay for information about the maze itself.

    Of course we agreed as we already had our own agendas and some side coin was just icing on the cake. We entered the painting of what looked to be a naked lady in bondage however, when we crossed the other side we found a naked dead lady. I paid her no mind since it looked to me like she had been dead for a while and approached the nearest door to check for traps, locks as well as any danger on the other side. There were no traps but I did hear pacing and a lady speaking in Draconic about finding someone else to do what she needed.

    Suddenly behind me I heard a woman's gasping for air and a loud kiss and saw the woman who I thought was dead alive and well kissing our new friend Wilrian with his arms wrapped around her. She promised to repay us for this deed and wanted us to help her escape out of this maze. I was a bit curious why she was trapped in here to begin with but they agreed to help her depart from this place. Before Rinn banished her, Rinn's owl flew down and plucked the naked woman,s hair, what a smart girl that Rinn is I swear!

    The next step was to see who was talking in the next room. I entered the next room and before she could notice me I hailed out a greeting so that she would not be too startled as we approached. She had some blueish scales and long horns. A rather attractive lady .. for a blue dragon in humanoid form. Lady Crucem Cupilli was her name. She explained to us that she is a collector of fine art and would pay handsomely for some pieces of art we may fine. We spoke of what art she may be interested in as well as what was going on in the maze. Lady Crucem Cupilli told us about a wedding that creatures in the maze were preparing for as well as she told us Blue Medusa's name is Satharella and she has some daddy issues. By what I have learned about medusa's and what abilities I have I knew that I did not want to meet her no matter what! So we departed to search deeper into the Maze of the Blue Medusa for wealth and any items we each sought out. The first option gave us 3 doors to pick from. There seemed to be a riddle straight ahead, raising pillars to our right and a silent room to our right.

    We chose the room to our right and found a maze within a maze of staircases spiraling around and even upside down. There were two doors on the far side of the room, one to the left and one to the right. Up above us were dead bodies with swords in some of their backs just laying on the ceiling like as if gravity was pulling them in that direction. A mechanical bird started flying by before a giant man with a moon shaped head and a mechanical monocle appeared from the door to our left. We had to move fast in hopes to avoid this creature. With help of Rinns familure we made it to the door on the right safely.

    The door was open and the next room was filled with giant gears stained with blood and 3 large vines in the center of the room. While discussing if we should fight the moon man before we try to cross the gears Wilrian had already found out that the vines were creatures and had moved across the room and into the next room where there was some singing coming from. Rinn decided to enter the room and take out the plant creature with a single strike! Those plant creatures never had a chance. Next up Ruckleford was about to cross but saw that Rinn had not made it across safely so he took one for the team and was going to stand by the door and defend the party from the moon man alone. Of course this action of just leaving him alone to fight did not sit well with me so I waited near the entrance with him until Rinn was safely across and then teleport us to the next room where Wilrian was.

    There a giant sea creature standing before us with a hammerhead appearance yet mouths where the eyes normally are. He wanted our bones and cartilage so that he could present a gift for the wedding we heard about. I decided instead of smashing which we always do, to find a diplomatic way around this problem. We found out he was the one singing and was a fan of good music. Hehehe I guess he had not heard of some of my performances I have done in Manifest and The Worlds Serpent Inn. Poor creature to be trapped in this maze and not know fine culture and what is trending now in music. I put on a little show to calm him down and distract him as some of my party made out with some of the treasure in the room and made an agreement to talk to a prisoner of his to sing with him. We entered the next room to find a birdcage with an apartment inside.

    Out came a Pixie, Ysanne and while talking to her Rinn let her out of the cage. Her motives where good but it was a little more difficult bargaining for information when she was already freed. Ysanne tried to make a deal that was completely unacceptable. As negotiations went on her captor the hammer head busted in the door at the same time as a emerald lion busted in from a door we had not entered yet. Ruckelford and Wilrian took out the Lion while Rinn and I did a Tasrek Special to the hammer head. He didnt know what had hit him!

    Right after we were able to collect all the pieces of the Lion we were sucked back out of the painting. That was a wild ride! We had not found what we were looking for and had not found any treasures really but chances are there are better things deeper inside the Blue Madusa's Maze. As we left Rinn seemed a bit more happy that she was able to light some things on fire and try out the Tasrek Special herself. I could tell that she still wanted a certain item that she was seeking out but who knows we may both have to enter again to see we can find what we had set out to find. But for now its time to head back to Goldthrone and see who is going to be the next king of Goldthrone!

    (for down days I would like to talk with creatures at The World Serpents Inn as well as the other bars I gather information from to see if anyone knows of any rumors about the Maze of the Blue Medusa, what creatures may lurk within, and more importantly the item that I was looking for and how it could be used to keep Manifest safe from future threats)

    January 1 2017

    Today Rinn and myself ventured back into the Maze of the Blue Medusa. We were met by some of the other adventures that have explored the maze with us last time as well as a new adventure. His name is Beauford i believe i have met him in a few adventures before. He said he was one of the original who found the entrance but has not ventured in yet.

    We crossed into the painting and entered the main hall expecting to see Lady Crucem Cupilli however she was not there. As i made my way to the door we went to last Rinn noticed some men wearing birdman masks. We quickly took out a few of them as others ran off. We took four masks off the dead men and moved on to the room with the stairs. My goal was to loot the bodies on the ceiling this time as i wanted to make sure i walked away with more shiny than last time. When Harvey flew up he fell to the ceiling like the gravity was reversed. I wanted to climb up there but others wanted to try something first. They pulled out their wands and started to fly up there. It did not seem intentional so i jumped up and pulled him down. They looted the body and found some stuff. An idea was thought up of dispelling the gravity which sounded well until it dispelled the entire room. I was thinking about trying to dig it out but that would take awhile.

    We ventured off to the middle room with the riddle as Wilrian said he could solve it and most likely be able to pass with no problem. I believe he said the riddle was to dance, race, bleed and die then repeat. We werent able to pass unharmed as two of our members got sucked into the floor. It was a real odd sight. I dropped the polymorph that i was in so i could figure how to get Rinn out but i should of known she had this. Once i saw her banish Rucklford i was at ease and waited for her return.

    We ventured into the next room and noticed a trail of slime. I collected a small sample as we noticed some chess pieces made of flesh it looked like. Wilren tried to climb it which made some of our members charmed. Ive seen this mind effect way too many times before so i brought out my lute and started to play since all who hears a note from my lute seems to snap out of being charmed by others and regains themselves from fright.

    Beauford checked out the door to our right and advised against it. He seemed like he was scared out of his britches. We ventured to the door to our left which had the same liquid on the floor as the room with our hammerhead friend. And inside this liquid were floating eyes with gems inside. We were ambushed once again in this room. Took them out once again. While in battle Wilren ran to the next room again. He tends to do that so i let him go until we were ready. Beauford changed himself to look like an enemy and ventured off to the next room. I heard them talking to some women in the next room. Rucklford became petrified when looting one of the eyes so i pulled him out and into the room with the chess pieces. Beauford and Wilren sounded like they wanted to move on with whoever they were talking to alone so we let them. After a few minutes passed i had an invisible servant of mine take the remaining eyes and put them in Rucklfords bag. Then i scooped up two jars of the mysterious liquid and we started to move to the next room when we were ejected from the painting.

    I took one of the bird masks that Rucklford collected for me. We sold some things to Polk. He said he was not a wealthy man so we kept some things to sell to Lady Crucem Cupilli. Rinn gave me the sword she got from the room with the stairs. It feels like a powerful sword but after a bit of time i gave it back to her saying "it is a bit heavier than i like. You would do better with it as i will wait for a sword with a little more finesse. Also Rinn that box that i was looking for i am a little worried about. I thought it might help me in keeping Manifest safe but ive been learning from Ysanne that there is a great evil attached to it. I think it is best to keep that thing in the maze and not release it upon the world. I do not want to release the next Orcus. I have not told Polk about it yet so word does not spread about it and more adventures do not go in to seek it out. I think my quest continues as i do not think this maze will help me find what i am searching for. If you would like ill go in there once more to help you find your bottle."

    Today we were able to venture in the maze through a longer period of time due to a rare moon. Aldonis accompanied us as we as Rinn, Ruckelford and two others that looked familiar but i dont think ive ever met before. We continued through to the last room ive been and decided to go down the fear room which was the right exit. Some followed the path and others closed their eyes and just ran. I was led along this room with a rope. Next we saw an option to go to the left or right so we chose left. Inside this room was a bag in the middle of the room and when Rinn tried to mage hand it to see if it was trapped. Then she just started walking off in a random direction and was not responding to me at all. She was met by 4 large beatles. I took her out of the room before she died right after aldonis killed two and i killed one. Luckily she didnt die. Aldonis , Rinn and i searched the beatles and the books and scrolls that layed within while the others talked to a group that was following us. They thought of us as angels. Ruckleford went up to the bag and decided to take it for himself. We let Rinns friend lead us to a library. While Aldonis, Rinn and myself looked over the books we wanted and took the most interesting and valuable books the rest of the party was lookout and distracted Chronia to which it was her library. Half way through looting the library i thought about what ive been told about her from my allies on the last mission and really wanted to meet her and possibly ask her to use her library or anything else and taking her books from her just made me feel a bit bad again so i returned the books i took. We left their when our allies returned. It looks like they wandered off again but was able to get the tears we were looking for as well as a bunch of jewels. Ruckleford was trying to be greedy and say since he traded his cloak that he was going to get $5000 more gold then us. I laughed and told him he better not as he took that cloak right from under Wilren and he shouldnt of had that cloak to start with. We ventured out of that room and decided to travel up these long set of stairs. It took us awhile but it well worth it as it led to an enterance from the real world. After we had our fill we went back into the maze. We decided to head south to a room filled with incense. There was a mad woman to which looked like had split personalities called Lady nine bones. I tried to talk this lady down as one of our party members killed her. I guess he was growing impatient. We looted her place and found a decent amount of wealth especially for one as weak as her which made me even more nervous. One of her personalities said she worked for lady Medusa. We left and ventured westword toward the room we thought to have the loom. Found one room that had a golden apple another that had a giant ape that we freed. We ventured further west to a room with a room with some odd people. They seemed harmless but our party killed them too. The next room had more of them trying to colapse a tunnel with creatures coming out. The party killed them too as i scared all the creatures away and set my shovel to collapse the tunnel for me. The next room had a mossaic floor. I took a piece of the floor for lady capelli and took a piece of parchement underneath. There was a loud explosion and i ran to go see as thats where my party went. They were all alright. We went on and saw a wax goblin it looked like and we tossed it a dagger and moved on. We now were able to get to the room with the loom. There were plenty of reptilian people working the loom until they saw us and attacked. They had some string magic users. The magic users fought the magic users and the malee fought the malee. It was an entense battle. After we were victorious the loom was about to explode but Rinn helped us get it stable and turn it off. I was able to get a heaping amount of material before we left. We then split up the lootand went our own ways. It seems Ruckleford took the extra gold piece and a very rare tomb and the tear without putting it tears in the pot. Gotta keep an eye on him from now on. He had done before. But he didnt keep the tears to himself instead of putting in the pot he gave it to another member. I wonder if that other member will ever return. We shall see what happens next time we enter the maze. I hope Medusa is alright as i wonder if she will let us keep evil prisoners here with her
    Another trip back to the maze in search of Lady Chronia and the Blue Medusa. This time not only Rinn from the Killer Bs was there but we were also joined by Conan and Cranstine. We noticed Polk was not answering his door like usual so we entered and found out that he was in trouble. He hung from the ceiling with hooks through his body. Blood dripped from his body and seemed sentient. Cranstine tried to free him but slipped. I instinctually jumped in crossing the blood puddle forgetting that Cranstine is one woman that is not one who needs saving. The blood puddle started to attack me so I teleported out while Conan defeated our enemy. During the fight we saw shady figures in Polks painting that were the ones most likely the ones who did this to Polk. When the fight finished they were gone so we healed Polk and chased after them. We headed straight in the grand room and headed to the room with bridges splitting in 3 directions. I swore that it was only two last time but it has been over a year since I last entered the maze. We went left on the bridge and entered the room. We did not see any traces of the shady figures. So we headed back to the room with the slime. We went left where last time there was floating eyes inside a thick water like liquid and saw that someone replaced the eye gems that we took. I opened up a demiplane door and drained the liquid and the eyeballs into my demiplane and we crossed this room. We decided to go up the stairs to see if the shady figures left the maze and were greeted by the same worshipers and workers of the maze and were told that there was also other visitors there. We met with them and almost fought them. I am sure they are the ones who did this to Polk as they were hiding their true agendas and also a man in the shadow that I saw briefly. They said they were deciples of Seth and they were seeking the reptile archives that could be religious in nature. Conan greeted them with kindness and Rinn and myself were ready at a moments notice to find answers the hard way. They gave us a star map so that we could find the location to this island later on as Cranstine gave them a false map of Medusa’s maze. Conan made a treaty with them to enter the maze with us to find something we were both looking for. Rinn and Sothomon, leader of their group got into an argument and before we were about to end them Conan calmed everyone down and Rinn agreed not to enter the maze with us. We entered the maze and went west towards the Saurid (Liazrd people). We found some interesting caltrops and a papermache creature hung by barbed wire. We passed that room and entered another room where there was a giant painting on the right side that made those who gazed upon in to fall on their knees in horror. Conan cut that paining out of its frame to sell later and we were attacked from the room just north of us. I tried to use a new spell I am in process of perfecting by trying to turn this giant statue of two hands in the room to our left into a creature but was not successful. There are still some kinks I have to work out. After we defeated this threat we were soon sucked out of this painting. We need to go and find this island and travel back to the maze as soon as possible to make sure these disciples of Seth do not harm the maze before we find out what the intentions of Lady Chronia and the Blue Medusa are. We have to find them and make sure they do not go back for Polk.

    The other day Aldonis, Ruckleford, Wilren, Corin, Conan, Ysanne and myself ventured on straight to Eliator Island from a ship Conan procured. It seemed an old ally of his, Black Belle, was there to greet him. We set sail and as we left I could tell Zorba was not pleased. We sailed for awhile played music and had a great time below the ships deck. As we played we were informed that there was a suspicious ship within eyesight. All but Aldonis ran upstairs to see what looks to be a necromancy ship sailing the other direction. Just because someone studies the school of necromancy does not mean they are evil so I paid it no mind. The group voted and decided to let the ship pass without interaction with it. We got to Eliator island and had the normal greeting. After everyone was ready we ventured down into the maze. Once inside we saw a blue glow from the room east of us and went to investigate. there was an odd lantern that seemed to have little humanoid figures within. While some investigated others stood watch. We were attacked by the people with bird masks again and quickly took care of them. Part of our party went back to investigate the launtern while I saw a lute that seemed to have vines growing from it. With help of Conan we took it down to investigate further. Next we decided to see Lady Chronia. I was finally introduced to her and she was just as beautiful as Wilren and Ruckleford had described her, no she was far beyond as beautiful as they had described. We spoke of what we have been doing in this maze and I presented to her the exquisite gown that I had I got tailored for her. Her emotions were overwhelming as a few tears fell from her eyes. I asked if she would like to dance in her new gown as she was dancing by herself when we saw her. The two of us danced a magnificent ballroom dance that I had learned many years ago as I sang softly about the world that I could show her. She seemed a little happy and sad at the same time. After we were near the end Conan came up and started asking her some questions. She told us that she was looking for information on her two sisters Cherity and Zeima and if we brought information back she would help age the books I gave her. She said that she would love to go to a wedding one day. She thanked us for the robes as we were starting to depart and see what the other exits led to that we have not seen before. As we were scoping out the other exits a large fire erupted from where Aldonis was waiting. The fire was roaring and started to burn Lady Chronia's stuff. We had to help her! I did not know if anyone could put out this fire so I wished to the heavens that enough water would wash away this fire and I began to cast Tsunami. It washed away the fire with ease however her dog had fallen because of the spell I cast. Before I could run over to restore the dog Corin was able to bring her dog back to life. Some of her stuff was now water damaged but at least it was not all burnt to a crisp. She asked for us to leave and we did so. We ventured west towards the reptile archives as there was something there Ruckleford had set his eyes for since the beginning. We passed by the two giants hands and there was a figure upon them screaming to the ceiling on how there are intruders who are messing up the artwork. They saw us as we passed by and the two hands began to chase us. We ventured north where there was metallic sculptures twisting and poking in different directions. Ruckleford ran through, Wilren tried to run through but got damaged badly, Conan jumped over, I took Corin across and Aldonis teleported through as well. The hands came charging at as and we gave it everything we had. It looked as if they might have been too much for us as we hacked away at it and threw these mysterious orbs at it. As we fought it 3 golden ghost like creatures came and started attacking Aldonis and I even though we were invisible. They stole some gold. It was as if they were attracted and could smell the gold we had on us. We were finally able to take down the two hands and defeat two of the golden ghost like creatures as the third ran away. We found two amazing swords that the paladins were excited to get. It was good to see them with proper gear and weapons. After healing Wilren up we ventured to the room the hands were in and collected a ton of loot. We went down to the room to the south and slowly made our way to the room to the north east. There we saw a long room that extended northwards. In this room we spoke to a man named Milo in a giant bird cage and he asked for our assistance. He said if we helped free him he would tell us of all of the hidden gems in this maze. He said if we killed the one who put him in here he would be freed. He said that Zanthoceras, a lich with a crown of yellow pedels that lived in the gardens is the one we needed to find. He said that Zanthceras was to be married to but killed his bride. We took a long rest there as it seemed to be a safe space. We went onwards to the room to the north and found a sculpture with what looked like melting metal. We went past it and went north again to see 3 paintings of blackness that seemed to absorb light. Wilren ran right through it. He said it was not safe as a gaint orb came crashing down and rolled past us and into the statue behind us which grasped the orb. It seems in that altercation Aldonis had touched that sculpture and a piece of it wrapped around it and was traveling to his head. Dispelling it didnt work so Conan broke Aldonis arm in order to save his life. Conan went into the orbs and they returned with some marble dice that looked quite valuable. East of the sculpture room had nothing in it surprisingly. To the east of that room looked like there had been some creatures burrowing in it so we avoided that room. We went northwards and saw a beautiful room with all sorts of goodies in it. North of that we saw a stairs leading downwards. Wilren went down and disappeard half way down. We tried to holler at him and eventually we all ran down in hopes that we would not be instantly killed. We saw an ancient lizard person i think name is Scriptor Eligons and Conan was ready to attack but RUckleford and Corin went on to the next room after sharing some kind words with it. We followed and saw Wilren being dragged away in a net. We took care of those lizard people and made sure WIlren was ok.

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    Fantastic! Great writeup! Take your bonus XP!

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    I'll get to some rumors and the information Ysanne has soon.

  • I'll eventually write up another "Diary" entry for Rinn, but I did update the tl;dr post above with as much info I had.

    I had gone for food in between because I'm a terrible person I guess, so I'm not sure what happened in that middle room if anyone can help fill in the blanks.

    Wilrian if you can post and update us on what happened during and after we got seperated that'd be awesome and I'll update the tl;dr post.

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    From the Journal of Beauford Fungible

    It took much too long but I finally was able to enter the Maze of the Blue Medusa, the storied labyrinth that is accessed from the painting that we spirited out of that hellish party so long ago. My companions had all entered the Maze before, and all had something specific that they were seeking in the maze, and they had an escort of sorts in a Pixie. Baby Baan, my fey familiar, was awestruck by her presence, she is apparently something of a celebrity in the twilight realms. She asked me what I could wish for from the maze, and I replied a new set of armor, mine being serviced for 40 some years now, and gemstones and jewelry. I need these for the Affectation, but I hopefully didn’t let on that I had other uses for it. The others said there was a woman who would trade gemstones in exchange for art, but she was not where they said she would be. I left a note. The others in turn asked for information about their various boons, and each answer was more interesting than the last. The dwarf, Ruckleford, seeks a book on war for his people, and it is in a miniaturized fortress. There is a man imprisoned in the Cells, which as far as I could tell, take up the north-eastern corner of the Maze, who I believe was named Casio. He has amethyst teeth, and is mad. There is a puzzle box that another in the Maze will pay the largest sum I have heard for anything paid, but seems to be a dangerous artifact. As I’ve discovered, most things seem to be dangerous in the Maze.

    The gem woman was not in the first, grand room, so I set to writing a note, hopefully cryptic and oafish enough to garner interest--indeed, finding anything or anyone in the Maze seems all but impossible. The wizard, whose eyes seemed keener than mine, brought my attention to something, and we were being attacked by figures with long crowlike masks coming out of the shadows. The bard, Tasrek turned into a giant ape, the dwarf set about cutting the beings down, the halfling doing the same, and the wizard was there with a great gemstone golem of a lion. I know when a battle is won, so I walked over and picked up a cloak near the dwarf. I think he was upset, he might have had his eye on it. From this point, I believe my companions found me indelicate. It wouldn’t have fit him anyhow, and the fabric shimmered so… I think it will play a greater role later, but for now, it should do nearly as good as my armor in protecting me.

    The party wanted to visit a room they had seen before. Stairwells bent all around at impossible angles, and on the ceiling there was a pile of fresh corpses, skewered to the ceiling with swords. They seemed not to be pinned by the swords, but lying on the ceiling as the ground. The wizard sent her owl to it, and it swiftly became trapped on the ceiling, as the gravity reversed. Myself and Tasrek used the Fatal Attractor wand to pull a body down, and it had a painting of Hyboria in it, in their typically uninspired style. The sword was very fine. Rin had a mind to dispel whatever magic was holding her owl on the ceiling and was creating the anomalous gravity. It seemed reasonable, if maybe heavy-handed, so we concurred and stood in the doorway, just in case. That was a timely suggestion from Ruckleford, because instead of dispelling the magic of the gravity, she dispelled the magic of the entire room, and we watched as that room folded upon itself, its door replaced by an impenetrable stone wall. It was like burning down a barn to shoe a horse. Judicious use of Dispel Magic is recommended.

    The next room was a room with a bridge over a great colored glass floor. They explained that there was a riddle to getting a cross, an order: Dancing, Dashing, Bleeding, Racing, and Death. I wanted nothing to do with several options, and I still have some moves left over from carousing with the Oaken Company, so I danced across. The riddle, it seems, is literal. The wizard tried to dash across with her lion, but that didn’t suit, they were pulled into the stain glass and became 2 dimensional. I think that if only one had attempted to cross, then it would have succeeded. Anyhow, the halfling also danced after other failures, and I haven’t seen a Halfling Worm quite so spirited in many years. The others were all trapped, they fought, succeeded and the wizard banished them all in turn, and they vanished. The dwarf caught money in the two-dimensional realm, it was a strange site. Wilrun and I waited, and they returned. Apparently, banishment will exit you out of the Maze and back to Izuz.

    The next room was a great cavern with a giant slime trail through it, but no sign of it creator. There were enormous chess pieces that appeared to be encased devils. I approached one, and was bodily charmed by it. I verbally warned Wilrun that I was probably going to try and kill him, hopefully he believed that I was not in control of my own actions. We fought, but to no dire consequence, as ironically it was Wilrun’s presence that bolstered my resolve enough to resist the charm. We decided not to approach the other pieces, and to choose our directions more carefully.

    I sent Baby Baan into the right-hand room, where he seemed to be assaulted by my own fears. He began to witness atrocities against children, and this seemed targeted at me. I’ve always held that the only true purpose of war and soldiers is to prevent such acts against the innocent. I sensed he was in grave danger, and I summoned him back to his pocket dimension. We decided the left door was a better course.

    A room with a pool of floating jade eyes stood before us. The pool was a thick, viscous liquid, at least six feet deep, that you could run across if you kept your feet up. I touched one of the plate-sized jade eyes, and it attempted to charm me. I stuffed it into a sack, and blocking its vision seemed to nullify its glamouring effect. Wilrun, plucky as ever, ran across and began to engage with a spellcaster of some sort as a number of monsters came out of the shadows, along with three “sisters,” I can only assume hags or witches of some sort. Wilrun was chosen for some task that seemed to have no good outcome, and I, taking a gamble that there existed more than three of the sisters, disguised myself as one. They did not seem to mind there being a fourth.

    They spoke of a creature name Chronia, whose tears held some significance for them. Wilrun was to negotiate for these tears in exchange for leniency from the sisters. I offered to escort him and keep him on task, though truthfully, I hadn't the most precise idea of what we were doing. We came across a table with a platter on it and a carafe. Eventually we took it.

    Chronia is a blue haired woman in perpetual nudity, as some curse has befallen her where anything she touches ages until it disintegrates, which she demonstrated with a garment. Somehow I had come across a piece of cloth of the type that is aparently created by the Sisters in the maze, and also identical to the cloth that the cloak I had picked up. Indeed, Chronia could touch the cloth without it withering away, and we negotiated a garment to be made for her by the Sisters, in exchange for an entire bottle of her tears. We can only assume that her tears are valuable, and not only to the Sisters, who undoubtedly have some awful purpose for them. Knowing our time was short in the Maze, we headed back to the sisters with a bit of the cloth dipped in her tears as proof of the arrangement. As a stab in the dark, I mentioned something about “the Loom,” to the sisters, and they seemed to know exactly what I meant. Hopefully, that is where the garments are made, and they began to lead me back to where it is. I believe I have a sense of where it is generally located, but was transported out of the Maze before I could reach it. Even if it is not found, though, I believe I could trade my cloak for this bottle of tears, bypassing any more need for the Sisters, though my curiosity is piqued, should they be able to weave this cloth from… what?

  • @Jackson
    Good stuff! Very enjoyable read. Also...
    Rinn: "Oh, sure, it wasn't a group concensus to dispel the magic. Blame the wizard.. typical!"

    I'll update that tl;Dr post up at the top when I'm off work.

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    @Jackson said in Maze of the Blue Medusa Lore:

    She asked me what I could wish for from the maze, and I replied a new set of armor, mine being serviced for 40 some years now, and gemstones and jewelry. I need these for the Affectation, but I hopefully didn’t let on that I had other uses for it.

    You've heard Xenocritos, son of The Scorpion God, is imprisoned in the Maze and still wears his legendary, golden and ruby-studded field plate - called The Carapace of Jhakkal - that is said to have powerful enchantments upon it permitting the wearer to become one with the desert and prevent death by scorpions, snakes, and other poisonous creatures.

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    @Jackson Give Beauford a new trait pertaining to his fear of children getting harmed.

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    @Mike its always been his Bond, its just only ever come up once, at SYR I.

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    @Jackson said in Maze of the Blue Medusa Lore:

    @Mike its always been his Bond, its just only ever come up once, at SYR I.

    Sweet. Mark Inspiration for the next game you're in with me.

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    @Reuben updated 1/1/2017

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    Yeah, these write-ups are great. Don't forget to add y'all's 1,000XP bonus for the writeup.

  • Updated tl;dr post with all info I felt was specifically relevant for getting through the mechanics of the rooms. I'll add a "journal" entry with as much background info on some of the NPCs we found here tomorrow or so.

    I don't think I forgot anything, but if I did let me know.

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