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    Since the last update was from a game played way back in April 2017, here's a new thread, to catch up on events since then and keep track of things going forward. Many of the details may be off, so anybody who played in any games feel free to post with their own recollections or collections.

    Previously in Moonthrone...

    Since the raid on the City Beneath's secret gnome farms, the Withered Goats have become more freedom fighters than simple bandits, though they continue to raid caravans along the eastern Swamp Road into Moonthrone and generally be a nuisance for the powers that be. The Spire Lords have taken notice, with dogman patrols increased and some manpower usually used for rooting out the Folk allocated to hunting down the guerilla gnomes, but so far with little success. Talk among the common rabble about the Withered Goats varies from stories of Robin Hood-esque bravado to cannibalistic gnome-boogeyman depravity, depending if one's allegiances are more in line with Moonthrone's rulers or the Folk.

    The Cog
    Over the past few months, many adventurers have been recently hired and brought into the city by a shadowy organization, who initially refused to identify themselves.

    One mission was to locate a local thug who managed to rob a merchant initially lured into the city and tagged as a mark for the guild. The thug was hunted down, and it was discovered he stole a pack of religious artifacts, including a handful of wish granting monkey's paws.

    The Spearhead
    Another mission by the mysterious thieve's guild, who some speculated was the Beggar's Guild, involved discrediting Alyse Carl, merchant ship captain of The Spearhead, who returned to the city after many years of trade elsewhere. Alyse had double crossed the guild and left port without paying them, after hiring them for the job that landed her current ship. The many years that passed were not enough for the guild to forget the grudge.

    Guild recruits discovered that Alyse returned to sell off a pair of basilisk eggs, but unfortunately one had hatched en route, causing her to sequester her crew in port to keep the dangerous contraband beast in her ship's hold secret while she tried to make a deal to get rid of it.

    One group uncovered that Alyse also made a deal with a witch aligned with Glamorfrodorfidelphiding when she initially double crossed the Cog. With the witch's help, Alyse framed the prior captain's first mate for witchcraft, discrediting the captain (a drunk named Mummie), while the Cog supplied the forged documents that let her take over ownership of the ship.

    Another group discovered the basilisk hidden on the ship. They also managed to help it escape into Northgutter where it terrorized the locals.

    Between charges of witchcraft and releasing a dangerous beast into the city, Alyse was successfully discredited, and arrested by the city guard.

    The guild also managed to reinstate Mummie as the captain of his old ship, The Spearhead, as a useful trade and smuggling connection.

    Some of the recruits also learned that the organization that hired them is known as the Cog, and seems to have connections to half the factions in Moonthrone. Whether they are actually part of the Beggar's Guild, secretly in charge of the Beggar's Guild, or merely have contacts to them is unclear.

    More Rabbit Shenanigan's
    In the Pelt District, children were going missing. The Folk hired a group of adventurers to get to the bottom of the disappearances. Among the adventurers was a new Cog recruit sent to test the waters of possible Cog/Folk cooperation (who also happened to be Moonthrone nobility, which caused some personal complications when the Folk found out).

    Another old lady with a pact with El Herrairah was taking kids off the street for their own protection, where they were exposed to warlock corruption. The adventurers found a hidden magical warren in her home, where they confronted the Fey Lord of the Chase, Ranir, and some of his followers. After a battle with the fey-corrupted old woman, six corrupted children were saved. Some of them were Folk children, and returned to their families, while others were orphans the Folk promised to take care of.

    More Basilisk Shenanigans
    The escaped basilisk continued to wreak havoc in the slums of Northgutter, causing increased city guard presence, and people to hide in their homes. Cog recruits, including a gnome wizard, a dwarf cleric, and a marcrow artificer [yeah, not multiverse legal, but the 9-year-old son of the DM gets certain perks], eventually managed to capture the basilisk and turn him in to Cog contacts who promised to put the beast to good use.

    Also, the front that the Cog used for recruiting, the Silver Goblet Inn, was set on fire and eventually renovated, wiped clean of any of its prior connections to the guild.

    The Fate of Alyse
    Alyse Carl, set to be executed for witchcraft and sitting in the dungeons of a dogman fortress, was a loose end for the Cog. Though they initially only wanted to embarrass and ruin her as a message not to cross them, who knew what secrets she might spill to the guards now?

    Guild agents managed to infiltrate the fortress, eliminate Alyse, and cause a prison break. Cornered in the dungeons by an entire garrison of dogmen, they narrowly managed to escape when it was revealed that Hidey the marcrow had contracted a heretofore unknown (at least among non-marcrow humanoids) form of owlbear lycanthopy. [Thanks to a well-timed natural 20] Hidey transformed into an owlbear and tore into the guards, allowing everyone to escape in the confusion.

    Also, a deed to cottage in Northgutter, previously home to a family turned into statuary and eaten by a basilisk, was obtained, providing a possible future base of operations with convenient back-alley sewer access.

    Into the Wyrd, again
    The city watch somehow became aware of the children recently corrupted by El-Herrairah's old lady friend. Apparently the Beggar's Guild had their eyes on the children, and reached out to their city guard contacts. Captain Griggs was ordered to find the kids. Not quite knowing who he could trust, but needing to follow orders, Griggs hired adventurers to hunt them down, and supplied some magical silver weapons, just in case the Folk somehow intervened.

    The newly hired adventurers stumbled into an alleyway confrontation with Folk agents also searching for the kids, led by a werebear named Hudson. Thanks to the use of a suggestion spell, the Folk abandoned their search for the children, but not before asking the group to return the kids to the Folk instead of the dogmen.

    Led by Crumbs the marcrow, the party braved the walled-off Stormstreet Incursion, where, after experiencing some of the chaotic weirdness of incursion areas (your money turning to bugs and crawling away, growing tentacles from your shoulders, that sort of thing), they met with Andolphus, who revealed he had the children taken to protect them from the Beggar's Guild, and they could be found in a warehouse in the Wyrd District.

    Following the a sewer route via a map provided by Andolphus, the group made it into the Wyrd District and, and after more incursion weirdness (raining fish and spoons, melting and thought-controlled buildings) found the missing rodent children. But somehow, a patrol of dogmen guards also managed to show up behind them and ask for the kids. A fight ensued, the guards were defeated, and the children were returned to the Folk. Presumably, they were also reported dead to Captain Griggs, per Andolphus's and Hudson's request.

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