Looking for Players for 5e D&D Homebrew Campaign

  • Looking for dedicated weekly gamers.

    Running a D&D 5e homebrew world campaign.

    Basic races (with custom restrictions / bonuses) and Basic Classes

    Prefer a weekly meetup, but can do bi-weekly or monthly until we iron everything out.

    Will have to schedule sometime Sun-Thurs 5-10pm

    Prefer a social scene TBD but can do in-home as well after a few meetups. Prefer East End, J-Town, or Highlands for meetup location.

    Female friendly, new players or veterans. No need to know any lore, all is provided for this campaign.

    No hijacking the story or purposefully wrecking the campaign. Don't mess with other player's entertainment.

  • My gf and I are looking to get into a game. We both have some experience from years ago but are basically newbies. Mondays are generally best for us.

  • If you're still looking message me. I haven't played before but would love to play.

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