The Broken and the Blessed (12/11/2016)

  • The Broken and the Blessed

    Players: Justin Michael as Jakob Nowak, Alex Demic as Adam, Aaron as John P, Andy Bates as Audie Chavez, and Anthony as Claude Bryant.

    Summary: Jakob, Aaron, Audie, and Claude join Adam at his house for a small party. Early in the night Adam is attacked by an armed man with a knife in the kitchen. Jakob, John, and Anthony all rush to help him while Audie looks at Adam’s record collection for some more appropriate music. As the fight progresses, the mysterious man dodges all attacks until Claude finally lands a punch square on his jaw. After a few rounds of back and forth brawling an armed officer enters Adam’s house and unloads three bullets into the man’s back, killing him instantly.

    The officer identifies himself as Deputy Stanley Alexander and he explains that he was in the process of taking the man into police custody when he escaped. He notes that reports indicated that the man was heading in the direction of Alex’s house and that he believes some new drug is to blame. The Deputy tells the group that a man will be by within the hour to collect the body and then he leaves.

    After the Deputy departs, Jakob realizes he knows the man and is able to identify him as Albert Wells, a stock boy at the local Safeway. Jakob remembered Albert because he was one of the first people in Pinebox to show him kindness. He checks Albert for any track marks or other obvious signs of drug use but doesn’t find anything. Audie gets curious and looks Albert up on Facebook. He finds out that his last post references something about going to meet a professor.

    An hour after the initial shooting, a man shows up at the party in a beat-up pickup truck with no tread on the tires carrying a bed sheet and wearing a wife-beater and dirty denim shorts. He identifies himself as Freddie Jenson and claims to be working part time for the city coroner. Claude gets suspicious and calls the police to confirm that Freddie was sent by Deputy Alexander and eventually the group lets the man into the house. Freddie makes small talk before collecting the body and throwing it in the bed of his pickup truck. Claude gets suspicious again and calls the station. The dispatcher informs him that Chief of Police Martin Cavanaugh is on his way.

    When Chief Martin arrives, he realizes that Freddie is drunk and asks Adam if he can leave his vehicle parked at his house while he drives Freddie and the body back. Adam agrees, but as Martin leaves, Audie, John, and Jakob follow them out to a small farm where Chief Martin drops off Freddie and Albert’s dead body before driving off. Audie calls Adam and Claude and they head to the Jensen farm.

    At the farm house, everyone notices that Freddie has several people wondering about doing menial labor. One person is washing windows while another person seems to be moving the same bag of trash from can to can. Audie and Adam decide they need to speak with Jensen and knock on his front door while Jakob moves around to the back of the house. As Jakob peers into the back window, he sees three more seemingly mindless people.

    Audie and Adam have a conversation with Freddie and Adam makes an immediate connection with him, causing Freddie to break down in tears and reveal that he is “broken,” and that everyone else on his property is “broken” as well. He tells the Adam and Audie that Professor Hart has a telescope that separates the “blessed” from the broken, and that he was deemed “broken” while looking through it. He says that everyone on his farm suffered the same fate, and he has been tasked with caring for the “broken” that are now unable to care for themselves. He explains that not all “broken” come out as husks of people, and that Reverend Fitzgerald at the Pinebox megachurch told him that the “broken” are destined to be slaves of the “blessed.”

    Eventually, Freddie agrees to lead everyone to Professor Hart’s house and the whole group finds themselves at a large mansion out in the hills where they find several other “broken” doing chores and attending to all of the needs around the large house. With Freddie guiding them, the group enters the large house and walks up a winding staircase where they meet Professor Hart. The professor invites John and Adam to look into the telescope and they agree, but both of them come out “broken.”

    Claude gets curious and looks into the telescope as well, telling Jakob to shoot the professor if he doesn’t come back blessed, but to his surprise, as he looks through the telescope, he sees what he believes to be the face of god. Claude starts to realize that he has a lot in common with the Professor and he realized that he is now able to command the "broken." He forces John to stand up and then set down over and over as a test of his new powers.

    At this point, Audie and Jakob decide they have had enough and unload on the professor, killing him instantly. The “broken” from the first floor start to slowly walk up the spiral staircase but when they reach the top, Claude commands them to step aside and let Audie and Jakob leave. Claude walks over to the professor, picks up his jacket, puts it on, and then, with Audie and Jakob half-way down the spiral stairs, commands all of the “broken” to kill them.

    Audie and Jakob dash down the stairs to their cars and peel out, leaving Claude, Adam, and John behind.

  • Judge

    This game sounded fun based on what I heard last night!

  • Everyone seemed to enjoy it, and i'm having fun running it. Any time I get to do my redneck accent in a game, I chalk it up as a win.

  • Was a ton of fun. The mystery in the beginning was really enticing, and the end with the professor was intense. I still can't believe that Claude put on the Professor's robe after we killed him. My face when it happened:

  • @Justin, that was my face too. The way he flipped that switch was amazing.

  • Judge

    @Jonathan-Meadows said in The Broken and the Blessed (12/11/2016):

    Everyone seemed to enjoy it, and i'm having fun running it. Any time I get to do my redneck accent in a game, I chalk it up as a win.

    Pretty much all my NPC voices are just rednecks.

  • Knight

    Are admissions into the game still open, or is it closed at this point?

  • Judge

    @Aaron said in The Broken and the Blessed (12/11/2016):

    Are admissions into the game still open, or is it closed at this point?

    I think it's an open table, sort of like the Multiverse.

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