Juno, Cassini, and Our Future in Space [1/31]

  • Juno, Cassini, and Our Future in Space

    The first Scientific Proofs of 2018 explores our place in space. We welcome Tim Dowling, fresh from his appearance on Science Friday, to share the latest from the Juno and Cassini projects. These robotic explorers were like billion-dollar dueling banjos in 2017, taking turns delivering close-up views of Jupiter and Saturn. Many surprises have emerged, including a geologically young age of 200 million years for Saturn’s rings, and no dense core for Jupiter. These and other revelations will be presented.

    Becky Steele, from the newly formed Louisville Chapter of the world famous Planetary Society, explores Kentucky’s history in space science, the newest research, and why Kentucky could be (and should be!) a leading contributor to future space science and exploration. Discover the latest from the 2nd largest aerospace industry in the country!

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