TALK Cryptocurrency [2/1]

  • Cryptocurrencies are all the rage and the learning curve continues. According to a recent Yahoo Finance! report, "What we are seeing, then, is that as the bitcoin and overall cryptocurrency market matures and heats up, even with its price ebbs and flows, countries with hot activity are setting more policy." Here in the region, we are seeing rising activity and TALK will bring you the area's experts in a debate and discuss session this February 1st at Saffron's restaurant, 131 W Market St, Louisville, KY 40202 beginning at 5:30 PM.

    TALK Moderators: Attorney Alan MacDonald of Frost,Brown & Todd & Dawn Yankeelov of Aspectx
    TALK Panelists:
    Luke Sestito, Co-Founder, CryptoProperties, LLC (CPROP)
    Chris Page, CEO, Off Camber Creative, LLC
    Enrique Rodriquez, CEO, Crypto Consulting Group
    Andrew Prell, CEO, Convergence

    A Quick Look at the Players:

    Luke Sestito is a serial entrepreneur and a skilled marketing professional. He previously founded a Middle East-focused firm to respresent US businesses in the region, and has been a infrastructure-related technologist for a number of years. CPROP will leverage cloud computing and blockchain technology to deliver efficiencies to the real estate closing process, for long-distance transactions.

    Chris Page founded MaximumASP, a web application hosting company which he grew into a global presence, and then served for the last decade at a large non-profit. The Off Camber Fund, LP is a digital asset equity funded managed by Off Camber Creative, LLC. The funding partners began trading in Bitcoin and other digital currencies as far back as early 2015.

    Enrique Rodriquez is a young entrepreneur, who learned about cryptocurrencies while studying business and communications at U of L. He soon founded Crypto Consulting Group with a mission to build a company that could help take cryptocurrency mainstream. He now runs the Louisville-based startup alongside 4 other full-time employees.

    Andrew Prell of Convergence, a 1990's VR Pioneer, is preparing an ICO (initial coin offering). Earlier in his career, Andrew was the founder and CEO of Alternate Worlds Technology, Inc. (AWT) which developed and successfully marketed the first US Manufactured Virtual Reality Arcade System, the "Reality Rocket".

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