Jakub Nowak / Robert Webster

  • Jakub Nowak, or Robert Webster as he is better known now, is a newcomer to Pinebox. He is Polish, looks to be in his mid-20s and recently purchased the Jensen Farm on the edge of Pinebox, after the tragic death of Freddie Jensen. Initially he lived with local drug-dealer Jeremy Redtree at the Caballo Indian Reservation, who took him in after he "arrived" in town, but started looking for a new place after Jeremy was forced to burn down his trailer because of some weird things happening with his Father. Jakub is extremely indebted to Jeremy -- When Jeremy found out that Jakub didn't have proper immigration paperwork, he took it upon himself to find him some, ultimately getting him the identity of Robert Webster. With his new persona, "Robert" was able to get a job as a photographer at the Albuquerque Gazette alongside (now-dead) reporter Cyrus Matthews.

    To those around him, Jakub comes across as a survivalist. He carries an antique looking combat knife at all times, feels at home in the woods, and is uncomfortable around new technology. Although it pains him, Jakub has also started carrying momentos from his friends who have died: A bullet on a chain for Cyrus Matthews, a torn out page from William Lee's book with his autograph on it, a note from Freddie Jensen. Despite this, he is very eager for human interaction and is doing what he can to engage in and learn about life in Pinebox.

    This enthusiasm was put in check by the realization that people in the town were becoming either Broken or Blessed after looking into a telescope owned by a (now-dead) Professor Hart and his successor, Claude Bryant (also dead). He also knew that Reverend Fitzgerald (dead), the leader of the First United Church of Pinebox, and a book he owned, The Testament of Carnamagos, had something to do with this, but not entirely what. Jakub had a strange experience at the Dreamlands Amusement Park where it was discovered that there was a rift in the Church of the Blessed, and that worshipers were trying to summon a creature called the "Treader in the Dust". Following up on that, Jakub went to the Church's Hell House to investigate the death of a young girl who committed suicide there. While there, he learned of a group called the "Agency" who were attempting to keep the "Treader in the Dust" at bay. That creature is now believed dead. Finally, a visit to William Lee's grandmother uncovered a letter indicating Reverend Fitzgerald was preparing for The Rapture and that it was time to end this. With friends, Jakub helped destroy the telescope, and while they weren't able to kill Fitzgerald directly, they destroyed the abomination he unleashed.

    Although Jakub has enjoyed much of what he has experienced in Pinebox, he has come to hate the Wolves of Blood and Honor. He believes them to be an extension of Nazi Germany and believes they should all be jailed or killed (preferably by his own hand or gun). He first encountered them while visiting the Hollow of Cross-O Mountain and investigating what the "survivalist" group was doing there (among other things). Following this experience, Jakub believes many of them to be dead, but knows that April Jackson still lives and believes there are probably more out there.

    People will note that Jakub has a particular fascination with Nazi's and World War 2 in general, but shies away from discussing the reason for this.

    Connections: Jakub knows these people in Pinebox.

    Jeremy Redtree (Local Drug-Dealer) -- @Gombar . WoB&H 2. B&B 2
    Cyrus Matthews (Reporter) -- @westlemania639Dead. Killed by Crowbar. WoB&H 2, 3. B&B 2, 4
    Darren (College Student) -- @Jackson . WoB&H 2
    William Lee (Author) -- @Kyle Dead Killed by Angel. WoB&H 2. B&B 3, 4
    Joshua Lee (High School Nerd) -- @Reuben . WoB&H 2, 6. B&B 2
    Grey Wolf (Veteran / Author) -- Geosif. WoB&H 3, 6
    Brad McKraken (Athlete / Mechanic) -- @Judge_John . WoB&H 3
    John Poemie (Engineering Student) -- Aaron. B&B 1
    Sgt Audie Chavez (Veteran) -- @AndyB . B&B 1, 2
    Adam Madison (Car Dealership Owner) -- Alex / Thomas. Dead Killed by Jakub: Stepped on. B&B 1, 2
    Claude Bryant (History Teacher) -- Anthony Dead Killed by Phillip Landstrum: Crowbarred. B&B 1, 4
    Kenneth Morgan (Professor) -- Anthony B&B 2
    Rick Blaine (Private Eye) -- @Matt . B&B 2
    Reginald Beauregard (Lawyer) -- @Lane . B&B 3
    Clarence D'avigne (Coroner) -- @swoooo B&B 3
    Phillip Landrum (Engineer) -- @ElliottPaul B&B 3, 4
    Lucretia Mott (Nurse) -- @Amanda B&B 3, 4
    Father Corvine (Priest) -- Kelvin. Dead Killed by Phillip Landrum: Run Over by Car B&B 3, 4
    Donovan "Boom-Boom" Hunter -- @westlemania639. B&B 4
    Penelope Marston -- Geri. WoB&H 6

    **If any of these tags for people are incorrect, please let me know and I'll remove it.

    Sources of Mystery Investigated and Related Forum Activity

  • Knight Dungeon Master

    Cyrus is the Southwest New Mexico reporter for the Albuquerque Gazette, once your papers have arrived, he will see about getting you a chance as his freelance photographer for the newspaper, if by chance you are any good, your pictures will be picked up and be front page news!

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    This is amazing.

  • @Mike Thanks! It's my hope to continue to update the top post as Jakub is in more sessions.

  • @westlemania639 @AndyB @Gombar

    This actually brings up a good question Andy. Any news about the papers Jeremy was trying to get me now that a few weeks have passed?

  • I'm looking forward to having another adventure with Jakub soon.

  • Justin, player of Jakub - Last night under a gibbous moon, there gathered a conclave of Cthulhu's Keepers to decide your fate. Behold the verdict of our hive mind!...

    Jakub is waiting on Jeremy Redtree who left town to procure Jakub's fake ID, but Jorge (aka @Gombar), Jeremy's player, has been absent. Therefore until @Gombar returns to the table, Jeremy Redtree is still out-of-town, his fate unknown. When @Gombar plays Jeremy Redtree again, we shall require him to make an INT roll to determine his success in acquiring a fake ID for Jakub.

    If Jeremy rolls an EXXTREME! success, Jakub will obtain all the documents needed for an entirely fake identity that would withstand any law enforcement investigation - identity theft of a real U.S. citizen who went missing as a child with no surviving close relatives including a real birth certificate and social security card, plus a high school diploma from a real school that no longer operates.

    On a HARD success, he gets a fake social security card for a real social security number, and a fake driver's license that looks very genuine. They will withstand a routine background check, but not in-depth research.

    On a regular success he will get a mediocre fake SS card and driver's license, but any cop or clerk who sees them can make an EDU check. On a HARD success, the cop or clerk will become very suspicious that they are fake.

    In the event of a failure, Jeremy returned empty-handed. Maybe his underworld contacts let him down, maybe Jeremy forgot, but bottom line no ID for Jakub.

    If Jeremy rolls a fumble though....the conclave of Cthulhu's Keepers failed to consider that option under last night's gibbous moon. If Jeremy fumbles, Jakub and Jeremy will be at the mercy of the GM at the table.

    Meanwhile until Jeremy gets back, Jakub remains undocumented, unless he comes up with another way to get ID.

  • when the next game so Jeremy can come back

  • @Gombar
    December 30. It would be awesome if you could play. I just sent you an invite. https://www.facebook.com/events/154096478405990/

  • Updated to reflect recent session: The Broken and the Blessed, Part 2.

    At this session, @Gombar also rolled to resolve the hanging thread relating to Jakub and his identity, rolling an EXTREME success. This new identity is for a Robert Webster.

  • Updated to reflect recent session: The Broken and the Blessed, Part 3: Hell House

  • Updated to reflect recent sessions The Blessed and the Broken Part 4 - To Hell and Back Again.

    Also updated some things to reflect the death of those close to Jakub.

  • After the tragic death of Freddie Jensen, the Jensen Farm stands unoccupied.

    While Jakub has enjoyed living with Jeremy Redtree on the Caballo Indian Reservation, and is extremely grateful to Jeremy for taking him in, Jakub sees the vacant farm as a chance to have a more permanent home -- particularly since Jeremy was forced to burn down his trailer, forcing the two to stay in make-shift shacks ever since. In addition, the farm sits on the edge of town, giving Jakub a sense of privacy and seclusion that he desires.

    Jakub approaches the Pinebox Credit Union about buying the Farm and is approved after giving them $3,000 in cash and taking a loan causing him to lose a d10 of his Credit Rating.

    [dice 1d10]

    Picture of Jensen Farm:

    Approved by @Jonathan-Meadows

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