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  • Knight Fauxrunner Judge

    This is a thing that might be interesting.

  • Ven

    Murder hobo couple seeks third to spice up their gaming routine. Must like long walks on the beach, plundering ancient tombs. Willing to try new games. Safe words are TPK.

  • It's so wild that people bill/pay for a game. Whatever works I guess!

  • Knight Fauxrunner Judge

    It sounds weird to us that have been playing for a long time. But it seems like this is the trend. I pay each month for the Patreon on some blogs I really like, HBO, the Washington Post, Lyft rides, etc. If I didn't have the group of friends I have, I'd probably need something like this. Busy people with little time to suffer fools could pay for someone to run a game for them and be really entertained for an evening.

  • Yeah, you're right of course, if I had known I could GM for a career I might've stuck with it. :)

  • Knight Fauxrunner Judge

    @sellanraa I guess that's the rub. Can you make a career of it?

  • That'd be a cool bit of data to find out: average haul for GMs that charge and what percentage make enough to maybe scrape by (if any). Ultimately, it is a fair amount of work to GM so the idea of compensation for that reason is another reason I guess this was all inevitable.

  • I don't know how we would do it, but it might be cool to build something for Louisville that lets someone fill out the game system they want to run and the night they are available to run it, and then players could search and express interest in joining that game.

    GM: I want to GM D&D 5E and I am available on Wednesday or Thursday Nights.

    Player: I want to play D&D 5E and I am available on Thursday nights. I indicate through this system my availability and desire to play.

    When a game has enough players (as determined by the GM) and e-mail is sent connecting the GM with the players so a game can be started. If players back out, it will be added back until the desired number of players are found.

    I wonder what kind of work this would take...

  • Judge

    I've been talking about a Tinder for RPers for a while. You fill out a series of variables: times you can play, games interested in, etc. and the app "matches" you with the available groups. Then, you swipe left or right depending on what sounds interesting to you.

    As far as GMing for $$$, sign me up!

  • @mike What kind of resources would it take to make that happen?

  • Judge

    @jonathan-meadows said in Looking for a GM?:

    @mike What kind of resources would it take to make that happen?

    Great question. I don’t know anything about software development. I’d ask @Josh-Grimaud.

  • This would take a good amount of thought. All three of us can get together sometime and try and white board it. Just let me know. Not sure I could put it together myself, but I'd be willing to give it a try.

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