History and Legends

  • Overview

    Hüborea is a land ruled by several powerful city-states. Each city state has carved out their own desolate corner of the continent and rule their people with sword and lash. A tentative peace currently exists between the continental powers. But the winds of war stir between Eisenbar, Vornheim, Klind and Al Hazruun.

    Many leagues off the eastern coast of Hüborea is the island kingdom of Yoon Suin. An exotic realm that trades in rare goods with the mainland city states. The trade route to Yoon Suin is dangerous, full of unpredictable weather , sea monsters and Atlantean raiders.

    Fabled Atlantis lies deep into the unexplored ocean. Magic and technology long ago lost to the peoples of Hüborea are said to be in the possession of the Sea Kings of Atlantis. Rumors from old pirates tell of journeying to the Crystal Domes of Atlantis, most dismiss these tales as lies or ravings of men who have spent too much time at sea.

  • the City-States of Hüborea

    Al Hazruun

    Ruled by Tekmeht I the Sultan, Al Hazruun is a once great city on the edge of the Plains of Desolation. The city state has gone to shit under the rule of the Mad Sultan. The other city state's need for the Salt Mines keeps the city from total poverty. To the north lies the Mammoth Plains. To the south and east the Blood Sea.

  • Klind

    Klind lies on the border of the Plains of Desolation and the Wastelands. Every ruler in their 300 year history has been assassinated. Now Klind is ruled by the Church of Set. They have been ancient enemies of Al Hazruun, but the 2 kingdoms have been at peace for 20 years. Now with the ascension of the Church, rumors swirl that Klind will attempt to conquer their weakened neighbor.

  • Eisenbar

    Located to the north of Al Hazruun, Eisenbar dominates the Crescent Lands with an iron fist. The country is ruled by the Church of Drallic the Flayer. They despise weakness, mutation and chaos. Retinues of Eisenbar Paladins routinely go to the Wastelands to purge mutants and purify the unclean.

  • Vornheim

    Far to the north, on the edge of the Jagged Scar Mountains lies Vornheim. Dominated by its towering spires it is a city of many mysteries. Long ago conquered by Barbarian tribes of the north who did not understand what they now controlled, it is a city of wild magic and forbidden knowledge.

  • Do you have a map drawn that you could share?

  • @Judge_John This is where we are right now, right?

  • @no1raddad you were teleported to a beach near Al Hazruun. The Blood Sea stretches out before you.

  • @sellanraa I'm working on one. Hope to have it by next session.

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