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    Ysanne Smallbone

    Ysanne Smallbone is a pixie that was rescued from captivity in the Maze of the Blue Medusa. Her song voice is unparalleled, even among the fey court. Her brother, Wercel Smallbone, is still held captive in the Maze somewhere.

    She will accompany Tasrek, Wilren, Ruckelford, or Rin into the Maze of the Blue Medusa as a henchperson.


    The Daemon's Puzzle Box

    A puzzle box that contains information that Tasrek seeks to save Manifest. Intel goes here...

    The Drums of Victory

    A tome of dwarven strategy and tactics; the final word and quintessential guide to warfare that Ruckelford seeks to claim and use in defense of his people. Intel goes here...

    The Vengeful Vintage

    A bottle of wine gifted to the bride and groom said to have immense power of suggestion Rin plans to use against her lover. Intel goes here...

    The Stoned Thief

    A prisoner of stone that has information on the ultimate paladin's weapon against demons, especially the Prince of Demons - Orcus. Intel goes here...

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