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  • Not sure if this is the right place to post this but I've been in the area for a few months now, been to a few slurs and friday nights. And honestly neither is really doing it for me. I really just want a solid group with repeating players for a weekly or bi monthly session. I'm not picky about system, I've played in most and find most to be reasonable to an extent.

    A bit about me.
    I have 10 years gaming under my belt, my first campaign being a 4.0 back in 2008, since then I've played 3.5, 5e, savage worlds, cypher systems, mlp, and BRP(also known as Cthulu). My favorite of those was Savage worlds with BRP being a close second.

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    Yeah, having an ongoing game with the same folks can scratch an itch the public games just don't scratch. Good luck man! There have been some folks looking for games recently. I'd reach out to them directly; post in their thread and/or send them PMs.

  • Thank you! I'll do that.

  • I play 3.5 on Sundays in Jeffersonville noon til 7 if your interested. You can email me at Jeramycollard@gmail.com

  • Hey,
    I run a weekly public game with on going characters. We are always welcome to more or might be a good place to recruit. We play Saturday’s from noon to 2 at pearl st game and coffee in Jeffersonville.

    We typically have around 12-15 running 2 games of 5th edition. Anyone can play regardless of schedule this way.

    I’m not sure if this is exactly what you are looking but it is a cool community that tries for that weekly game feel. Any questions feel free to email me shandlon5@gmail.com

  • @quadzie said in LFG Any System:

    pearl st game and coffee

    That's right down the street from me! I'll have to come and check it out. can I bring my nerd louisville multiverse character?

  • Um as far playing in my game anything goes. But I don’t want to mess up the cannon of another dm. I am not familiar with their creative work to say what would fit or the implications.

    That being said your character is more than welcome with any items or stats you have earned work for me.

  • @quadzie Sounds good! I'll swing by this weekend.

  • @keinushi those are my two favorite systems as well.

    While not a perfect solution, have you tried joining the Call of Cthulhu games at Slur? We have a continuing story and a lot of the same players each week.

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