Looking for Deadlands Players

  • GM Lookin’ fer Players!!!

    Howdy Pardner! I’m lookin’ for some gamblers, gunslingers, saloon gals, school marms, prairie preachers, greenhorns, pencil pushin’ book readers, law men, mad scientists, native braves and shaman, in short, anyone with the grit to brave the wild and terrible weird west.

    Savage Worlds Deadlands is a western based role-playing game with zombies and Cthulhu style supernatural thrown in for kicks. If I can round up a posse of 4-6 hombres/mujeres who can meet regularly, we’ll hit the trail!

    The games will be hosted by Heroes Comics & Gaming located at 361 Baxter Ave, Louisville, KY 40204 - www.heroescg.com

    Contact Jeff at eep@mailzone.com if interested.

  • I'm a huge Deadlands fan. Are you planning on running one of the written adventures?

  • @jonathan-meadows I run a combination of established cities/areas with a great deal of improvisation. I use the original Deadlands books for most of my content. I am looking to start folks in either Deadwood or Dodge City and see where they go from there.

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