Session Wrap-up 12-13-2016: The Last Will and Testament of Taylor Lautner

  • Dungeon Master

    The adventure began with the party outside the church of the Morning Lord in Vallaki, after they had heard that they bones keeping the church safe had been stolen and given to the local coffin maker. The party decided to investigate, and as they were peaking around the locked up shop Orym (@Justin) saw a frail shell of a man inside, scared, alone, worried, as he heard sounds coming from around his house/shop the party tried to convince him to let them in, but it was not until Orym whispered he was there to help free him from the deal he had made with the devil that he decided to allow the party in. Upon entering the party listened to Henrik's story, he was convinced by Strahd to let him into his home, and to utilize it as a nest for some lower vampires, the Vampire's were planning to attack the church, but upon hearing of the bones that hallowed the ground, Strahd needed them taken care of. Henrik enlisted the young man Milijov to bring him the bones in exchange for gold to feed his brother. Henrik, continued telling his story, by letting you know that there was a nest of vampire in the attic, upon hearing this, Taylor Lautner sprung into action, this would be his final battle. As he walked through the attic, he was attacked by 5 vampires, while one vampire blocked the door and attacked the party. As Taylor drew his last breathe he saw a familiar sight, the sight of his idol, and friend Mordoop, the legendary vampire hunter that had come to this land years ago, he saw his eyes, and then his teeth and they drew the last bit of life out of him...Taylor was no more. The battle raged on, with Bartleby the Cleric (@swoooo ) delivering the final blow to three of them with the help of his spirit guardians.

    Upon inspecting the room Orym discovered there was a form of teleportation magic in the room, but this was not the originating point, although Orym felt he could reverse engineer the circle, the party decided against it. Instead the made a makeshift front door to separate the room from the rest of the house, as lore dictates vampires cannot enter a home uninvited. As the party was leaving they heard something from inside one of the coffins downstairs, when they opened it they met a women by the name of Bellatrixie (james) inside, Bellatrixie decided she needed to avenge her lover Taylor and defeat the devil Strahd. The party returned the the bones to the church thus hollowing the ground again.

    Next the party took to the lake to investigate the disappearance of a local fisherman, upon arriving the party saw a fisherman 400 feet into the lake tossing a bad with what looks like a person inside into the lake, the party rowed the boats into the water, and Beorr (Aaron) was able to save the little girl inside the bag before she drown. While this was going on, Bartleby and Orym saw the figure of an old wizard from across the lake, they believed him to be the wizard they had previously had heard stories about from the Vistani, the man who battled Strahd, they saw him and his immense power. Not having time for that as of yet, the party set to take Arabelle back to her father, a Vistani by the name of Luvash, upon arriving at the camp the party saw a group of Dusk elves, which is weird not only for this land but for Faerun as Dusk elves have been nearly extinct for 300 years. The little girl Arabelle, told you the leader of the elves was known as Kasamir, and that for some reason he was missing his ears, and that their were only boy elves. When you made your way to Luvash's tent to return Arabelle, you heard the cracking of a whip and once inside the little girl ran to her father who was holding a whip and using it against another vistani man, who was but about 18 years of ago. The beaten man went by the name of Alexei, and when you tried to free him he asked you to stop as he deserved to be punished for falling asleep while he was supposed to be watching Arabelle, after converstaion Luvash agreed that Alexei's punishment was done and rewarded you with some treasure, and that is where we left off.

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