Christmas themed adventure!

  • So I've been making a quick, little one shot for the holidays designed to be Christmas themed. The final monster (without giving too much story details away since some on here may play it) can only be defeated by weapons that do "cheer damage". I've been developing new weapons that do cheer damage for level 1s and 2s and have made a few already:

    The 12 Nights
    A staff where the user rolls a d12 and, depending on the number, an effect relating to the corresponding day in the 12 nights of Christmas song occurs

    Santa's Claws
    Dual shortswords (one red and one green) that, if both hit, deal an extra 1d4 of cheer damage as the target erupts into a burst of snow.

    The licorice whip
    Deals 2d4. An action can be used to take a bite of the weapon to heal for 1d4

    Gather Round
    A Christmas tree shaped two handed sword that has removable ornaments that can be thrown as an explosive device as a bonus action.

    It was fun thinking of them and I was curious if anyone else had some fun holiday (not necessarily Christmas) themed magic weapon ideas. Thoughts?

  • Knight Dungeon Master

    I love this so much...

  • Judge

    The licorice whip should be reduced in damage if you eat from it.

  • @Mike haha, yeah, maybe a -2 dmg mod every bite but it grows +2 back every day so every bite is another day you'll take the sacrifice.

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