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  • I run a system called Bare Bones, which is a generic, low mechanic, non-genre specific system. Which genre would folks like to see at Friday Night RPGs:

    Medieval Fantasy
    Urban Magic
    Super Heroes
    Wild West Horror
    other .....

    Support your local game store. Order your game supplies through them. Without them where would we gather to meet and play games.

  • @jpbfun medieval fantasy

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    Honestly? Something other than Medieval Fantasy. We kind of got that in spades. Any of the other three, or some kind of magic/magi-tech or just plain hi-tech near future/sci-fi thing would be neat too.

  • Okay, here's a noob question....with a little background;
    Having yet to attend a Friday Night RPG event, do you guys always have a D&D table? If so, how many players--on average--play on any given friday? I want to get back into the game--it has been many years since I've played, and I'm wondering if this event is a good starting point? Any info would be greatly appreciated!

  • @bird the night I went there were 3 D&D 5e tables running and a 4th table of another Medieval Fantasy game running. This is why I thought to offer a different genre for variety. So, there's plenty of D&D for you to swim around in.

  • @jpbfun yeah, with a little more searching on the forums, I kinda answered my own question! Thanks for the reply though! I agree, diversity is good, even though I'm just a D&D guy, I always want folks to have a good time!

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    @bird right now we have the 5 gms i was looking for this Friday. I will need some GMs for April 13th though. Let me know if you want to run and i could message you to see if you want to run a game on the 13th. Also we have a facebook group for the GMs. Thats where we post and ask who would like to run a game for the next event.

  • @reuben thanks for the info/offer, but as I’m just getting back into the game, I really need to go thru a few sessions/campaigns and refamiliarize myself with the rules and general game play before I attempt to start running games. Maybe further down the line though!

  • @reuben I don't have Facebook. I am available to run something on 4/13. It will be based on the the votes here for the genre of the game . I will be at Conglomeration in Louisville on 3/30.

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    @jpbfun sounds good. Ill contact you again when it gets closer to find out the details of your game on 4/13. We look forward to having you run some games

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    @bird sounds good. Just message me if ypu would like to run some games. Come on down and play a few too. Hopefully i get to meet you soon

  • @reuben I was at the last Friday Night RPGs. I was there during the blackout. Like troopers everyone kept on playing using their phones for light. Now that's dedication. I played in the D&D 5e game where half our players left early on leaving only two of us to carry on.

  • @reuben I'll be there friday night! I'm really looking forward to it!

  • @reuben I have put together a basic setting and genre for a Bare Bones system game for Friday Night RPGs. I am available to run it on 4/13 and beyond. A description is below.

    Future Urban - Large Governments are barely holding on. Local Governments are pretty much on their own. Crime is rampant. Corporations are rising in power.
    High Technology - Robots are still clunky, but computerized appliances have advanced as quickly as they do now. Consider where technology will be 50 years from now. Cybernetic parts are available, but appear as an obvious piece of technology and can have quirky side effects. Society is used to seeing folks with enhanced cybernetic appliances, but it is still not all that common. This would be similar to extreme piercings in today's world, in a busy city you will probably see a few folks with them anywhere you go, but not everyone has them.
    Medium Magic - It is known that certain people are genetically able to perceive and perform magic, but it is not an area that the common person knows much about. Seeing someone do magic is still a little awe-inspiring or frightening depending on the circumstances.

    Think of it as an amalgamation of Gotham, Dark Angel, Dresden, Bladerunner, Shadowrun, cyberpunk, etc..

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    @jpbfun excellent! Thanks for the write up ill make sure to post it wuth the announcement!

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