Recent Events in San Rafael, TX

  • Life in San Rafael, TX has been a little more lively than usual, and it seems like just as things start to slow down a little, something else happens that throws the town into a frenzy. Recent rumors indicate that the Sandoval family is furious after one of the Sandoval boys was blown to bits in a dynamite duel gone bad, and word around town is that the family is licking their wounds and waiting for the right time to get even with the man on the other side of the duel.

    That's honestly child's play compared to what happened over at the Azoulay Diner on Sunday afternoon, though. While residents of San Rafael were eating dinner, a group of investigators deputized by the Town Marshall to find Bill Foster started chasing Yonatan Azoulay through the restaurant and a giant flaming worm appeared as if from out of nowhere and started wreaking havoc.

    The town found out later that the Azoulay family were cannibals and they had poor Bill Foster in the basement of their house, cutting him up piece by piece, but truth be told, that hardly mattered to San Rafael after nearly 30 residents were killed by the flaming worm in the Diner.

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