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    Donovan "Boom-Boom" Hunter...The Pride of Pinebox

    Donovan, lived his high school years out in Pinebox, growing up on the streets of Compton, Donovan often got into trouble with the police for his extra curricular activities. It was at this point in his life that he began getting in fights and getting beat up, Donovan decided then that he would never be that weak again. He was spotted at age 13 by legendary boxing trainer Emmanuel Steward and he was a natural. At that point Donovan came home to find the police, expecting them to be there for something he did, he became depressed to find out that they were there to inform him that his parents were killed in a robbery at the local gas station, being that he was young, he went to live with his next of kin, his Grandma Gertrude in Pinebox (who is now dead). Donovan continued to train with his boxing coach in Albuquerque, throughout high school. When Donovan turned 18 he became a professional boxer, and to date at the age of 23 hold an impressive 13-0 record in the Light heavyweight division. Donovan has since moved back to Los Angeles and spends time volunteering at local children's clubs and is a very charitable individual who looks to spend his wealth on helping others that were like him get out of the poverty and danger of Compton...but Donovan always comes back to Pinebox to train before any fights. Donovan is well known in Pinebox and is always happy to sign autographs for fans.


    Robert Webster (Weird accent, reminds me of the guy from Rocky IV [Dolph Lundgren)
    Lucy (really country girl...really likes fire) @Amanda
    William Lee (Famous Author, I love his books) *Deceased @Kyle
    Philip Landrum (This guy drove a car through a house...that is all I need to know) @elliot

    Cyrus Matthews *Deceased 2-5-2017

    Cyrus Matthews has recently been sent to Pinebox, New Mexico as the area corespondent for the Albuquerque Gazette. Originally from Chicago, Cyrus graduated from Northwestern and began his career as a reporter at some of the nations largest newspapers, culminating in his time at the New York Post, that was only a year ago, following a scandal (that will remain unknown for now) Cyrus has fallen from grace all the way to Pinebox, this is something he is not exactly pleased about. During his time in Pinebox, Cyrus has tried to relive his glory (he is only 27) by finding stories that just aren't there, relying on people like Jeremy Redtree ( @Gombar ) to feed him information about the local crime scene and writing the stories of local industry trying to rob his people of their lands, while also doing the required stories on local celebrities such as former football star Brad McKraken ( @Judge_John ) and the terrible author William Lee ( @klwint02 ). This is what he now must do to make ends meat, but he believes he has recently stumbled upon a large story that will return him to his former glory as one of the ace up and coming reporters in the US with the happenings of the Wolves of Blood and Honor, and the strange things that happened the first time he came to see the group. Fixated on bringing this story to light, Cyrus will do anything to make sure he can have the story of the century and return to the precipice of Journalism (not that it pays well).

    To normal Pinebox citizens, Cyrus is an outsider, sometimes not trusted because he is so new to Pinebox, but he is seen as a man who will do anything to get his story, even if he has to cross the law a few too many times, getting arrested is not something Cyrus is proud of, but he considers it part of the job. You cannot censor the news, the truth must be revealed, at any cost. He is currently in the process of getting Jakub Nowak ( @Justin ) a job as a photographer for the Gazette, although he thinks that dude would do extremely bad in a job interview with the whole talk of Nazi's a WWII stuff, If you ask Cyrus he would have told you this guy was Schizophrenic, but with the recent things he has seen...maybe just maybe he really is from the 1940s.


    Jeremy Redtree (Local Drug dealer and Secret Informant) @Gombar
    Jakub Nowak (Weird Dude that thinks he's from WWII) @Justin
    Darren (College Student, Pot head) @Jackson
    William Lee (Local Author, who is terrible, has a sour relationship with Cyrus)
    Joshua Lee (Local Smart Kid and Nerd) @Reuben
    Grey Wolf (Local War Hero and Author, better than William) @geosif
    Brad McKraken (Former Athlete and Current Mechanic) @Judge_John
    Kenneth Morgan (Professor) -- Anthony
    Rick Blaine (Private Eye) -- @Matt
    Father Albert Bishop (Former Youth Minister for the Baptist Church) -- ( @Jonathan-Meadows )

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    Cyrus has been involved in five occurrences since arriving in Pinebox thus far:

    Wolves of Blood and Honor part 2: Nerdlouvia Keeper: Andy
    Wolves of Blood and Honor Part 3: Friday Night RPGs Keeper: Andy
    Travelling Carnival: Friday Night RPGs Keeper: Matt
    Blessed and the Broken Part 2: Random Friday Game Keeper: Jonathan
    Jeremy Kills his Dad and the FBI Sucks: Slur New Years Keeper: Matt

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    After having his camera stolen by some weird FBI types, Cyrus places a call to the Albuquerque Gazette to see if they have the fund for a replacement, he tells them that when he was out doing some investigative work on the Murder of the Reservation Elders, one of the locals saw it as disrespectful and took the camera and destroyed it in a fit of rage, so he needs a new one, and also he asks them about the possibility of getting a Go Pro that would clip on his backpack so that in the future he will have proof if someone berates him like that. Cyrus also has a wish list of things to buy after all these weird happenings, I am not sure how to know my monetary situation or how to make these purchases so help would be appreciated.

    Wish list:
    New Camera (if the newspaper will not cover his losses, keep in mind he is not freelance he is a paid employee)
    Go Pro (Same as above)
    A 9mm Pistol and a box of bullets (because you can't go carrying an AK-47 everywhere)

    Also while on the phone with the Newspaper executive he will talk to them about the possibility of a photographer coming on staff and that he has met a local that is respected and a great photographer that he would recommend if the funding is available and he tells them of Robert Webster ( @Justin )

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    Upon traveling to a trailer to visit the grandmother of William Lee, Cyrus met the super who angrily attacked him and puck a crowbar through his temple, thus taking his life.

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