Audie Chavez, TBI-disabled Iraq War Vet

  • Audie is a native of Pinebox, from a family with a long military legacy. Audie was commissioned through ROTC in the Engineer Corps, and had a promising military career. His prospects crashed to nothing when his MRAP was hit by an IED in Iraq. After months in a coma, Audi eventually regained most of his brain function and was medically retired as a captain. Audi returned to his hometown of Pinebox, where he is respected for his service and where his frequent lapses of judgment and memory are excused.

    Recently, Audie has come to fear that the consequences of his traumatic brain injury are worse than he had originally suspected. He thinks he has seen evidence of a supernatural conspiracy in the recent election for city council. He thinks he met an astrophysicist with an army of mind-controlled zombies. That's crazy, right?

  • The horrific experiences of Audie Chavez in Pinebox, NM

    • Election Night; 11/8/2016; GM: Jonathan.
    • Broken & Blessed; 11/28/2016; GM: Jonathan.
    • Ghoul Carnival; early Dec; GM: Matt.
    • Dreamland Dream; mid Dec; GM: Jonathan.
    • Jeremy Murdering His Own Dad and Burning His House Down; 1/1/2017; GM: Matt.

  • Audie Chavez has had five encounters with supernatural weirdness, all in just the last two months since election night. After his most recent traumatic experience, Audie decides he needs to be more prepared for crazy shit happening. After spending $200 to get his car window repaired (he isn't going to worry about the damage to the passenger air vent), Audie is going shopping.

    With his credit rating score of 40%, Audie has $1600 cash on hand (-$500 for his 9mm pistol = $1100 remaining), $40k in assets, and a $200 spending limit (no record-keeping needed for <$200 during the story).

    He may not be able to afford all of this at once, but he is making a wish list. Prices are added as he shops around. Items will be checked off once they are purchased.

    Other members of the "Pinebox Surprise Party" FB Group are welcome to make recommendations

    Here is his wish list:
    X a box of 25 shells for his newly-acquired 16 gauge shotgun =$15
    200 ft of black 7/16 KM-III static rope (25 lbs) = $180
    X 36" bolt cutters = $70
    X Guard Dog Stealth Rechargeable Stun Gun Flashlight =$30
    Ryobi P320 nail gun =$150
    X first aid kit, big-ass with tourniquet and whatnot
    X chemlights
    X heavy zip ties
    X several rolls of duct tape
    X 1.75L of cheap vodka in glass bottle
    4 more magazines for his 9mm beretta
    X 1 gallon can of gasoline
    X tarp
    tackle box full of fireworks
    ballistic goggles
    hearing protection
    safety orange reflective vest.j

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