Looking for players for a Mage: the Ascension game

  • Looking for players for a weekly/semiweekly game. Playing Mage: the Ascension 20th anniversary edition. I have some storytelling experience, but it’s been awhile. I have only STed one Mage game in the past, but it was crazy, weird, and fun.

    This will be a Traditions side Chronicle. Those with limited or no World of Darkness experience are more than welcome. This is a game of wonder and not knowing what’s going on meta wise will add to that. Let me know if interested!

  • When & Where are you thinking? I'm mildly familiar with classic WoD, and I've always wanted to play Mage

  • @bnhenry depending on interest, I would likely have sessions at my place - though open to having it at a game store. Time depends on available schedule but likely weekends.

  • Just some background for the initial game hook:

    A spate of grizzly murders has occurred throughout the city. Victims were discovered hanging by their ankles; cut with one action across the neck and drained completely of blood. Other than some of the victim's blood, nothing of note has been discovered by law enforcement at the scenes. Something seems familiar and suspicious about these murders, and you have been sent by your Tradition elder(s) to investigate further.

  • Adventurer

    Definitely interested. Haven't played in the WoD for a long time, but have a deep deep love of Mage.

  • If you're interested, please private message me your email addresses, and I will try to coordinate a time and a day. Also, I will provide some information regarding character generation.


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