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    Between the cold, thin air and the flurries of snow hitting your face and dusting your shoulders, your bodies are weary of travel as you reach the terminus of the worn cobbled road; your destination, the outpost of Thundergarde. The once mighty fortress on the edge of the fallen Aurean empire now lies before you a crumbling ruin, populated by criminals, fortune seekers, the disenfranchised, and the few merchants who would serve them. Their purpose? The only thing in which they share a bond: to recover plunder of the powerful former empire.

    Over the tavern meal and a blazing fire, you hear stories of risen dead, beastmen, angry spirits, and those from the camp who have not returned. An aged, scarred warrior leans over to you in the firelight and in a gravelly voice says, "If you wager your life for fame and glory, you have come to the right place."

    Thundergarde is a keep of the former Aurean empire but now serves as a base camp for adventurers to explore the regions below. All adventures begin from here. Your character will find all the comforts of civilization along with restful healing behind its walls.

    One can obtain anything nonmagical from the core books at the prices listed under reasonable availability. Common and uncommon magical and alchemical items from the Player's Handbook have an availability for purchase depending on demand. Magical items greater than uncommon availability can not be purchased, per Multiverse rules.

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