Doctor Albert's Astounding Medicine Show is Coming to San Rafael

  • Sign posts in San Rafael advertise that Dr. Albert’s Astounding Medicine Show is coming to town in the next few weeks and everyone seems to be excited. The posters promise music, dancing girls, feats of strength, and a real wild man, but the real attraction is Dr. Albert's Astounding Restorative Elixir that promises to cure everything from Gout to Small Pox in 17 days or less.

    You have heard that Mrs. Allie Garrett plans to buy a crate of the elixir for her daughter, Polly, who is prone to fits, and that the Dalton Boys (ages 9 and 7) are going to try to sneak a peek inside the medicine wagon during the show and see what kind of strange things are in there. Judd Luckey, the town drunk has been telling his drinking buddies that he's going to buy some of the Elixir too, hoping it will cure his desire to drink.

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