House Rules

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    Please Read: This campaign will not use all of the 5e rules as written, see below
    • If your character is brought to 0 hit points or fewer, your character is dead.

    • Any effect that reduces maximum total hit points also reduces Proficiency Bonus by 1 per instance, and both remain in effect until Greater Restoration or equivalent magic is cast upon the character. Long rests are simply not enough to remove the penalty. Ancient and powerful creatures and spells on a 'higher tier' have the ability to drain levels of experience permanently.

    • Some monsters (often those that are created for the campaign) that possess special poison attacks and effects are potent enough to kill a character outright on a failed saving throw.

    • Special attacks and abilities that render a creature paralyzed, such as a ghoul's touch, have a set duration and a character can not reattempt a saving throw every round to negate. A cure wounds spell, 5 points of healing from an innate class ability or magical item, or a Lesser Restoration spell or greater will completely remove the effect before the duration is up.

    • Players who write a quality synopsis of the session will receive an XP bonus. This must be given to the character used in the session.

    • XP for individual monsters is not given. Experience will equal 1 XP for every GP the character earns (and spends in civilization) after the party's split, and after any tithes/gifts/etc., tabulated at the end of the session. This means that your character must choose between spending gold on gear, material components, etc., or on receiving XP.

    • Inspiration is given to players who advance the plot, play their characters, aid other party members, and on an ad hoc basis. Disadvantage will be given to players that are disruptive to the game and the story. If you don't take your character seriously, why should I?

    • More coming soon...

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