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    We had a fantastic kick off to this new MV Game at Slur last night, full of wrasslin', double-crosses, and decapitations (so many decapitations....).

    For anyone who participated, post a recap of what happened from your characters point of view and I'll get you some in game rewards.

  • Dear Diary,
    After fighting off the super scary dread pirates and their red hatted captain, I really feel our little adventuring crew is starting to come together. Santiago and Martin the dashing human cloaked duo with their fists of power had the pirates falling one after the other. Jared the cloaked blue dragonborn decapitated the captain for his red hat! Flibberti Gibbet the gnome with his colorful outfit pulled out daggers and struck the pirates down. And Rackon Rackion Ragron Raaaagron... (I keep asking his name but he keeps slurring it) the halfling fighter and his trusty mastiff dog, Dog, speared a pirate threw on his mighty lance.
    After much arguing we decided to head to the well-known great Elfin city of Elphin. I have heard of the great library of Elphin maybe they will have some books on one of the great old ones. Soon I might figure out why I was chosen.
    As we were strolling through the forest we noticed missing trees like they were cut down. Flibberti went over to talk to a squirrel... A SQUIRREL. Ragron is now convinced that every squirrel can talk and is now watching us. The forest seems to be a little more alive now with small animals watching us. Flibberti reported back that humans in the near by village was been taking over the elfin territory. We decided to press on. Ragron was passed out on his dog AGAIN. He snores so loud! Jared was leading in the front and luckily he was! He almost stumbled into a pit trap. We formed a defensive semi circle against attack, some how even through Ragron drunk stupor he was the first one to act. We waited.... and waited... and waited. Finally armed elves emerged out.
    There were a ragged bunch missing armor and wounds everywhere. Not like the elves I have read about. After Martin taunted the pixies ( I think... that is one language I can not speak) the Elphin leader told us of the village near by has gained a new leader. A military lead who wanted to take over the forest and claim it for humans. They offered us gold in exchange of getting rid of the new leader. We accepted after some bargaining and headed down the path.
    While we walked down the path we heard a loud squeal and two boars charged us. Quickly I ran behind Dog as cover. Ragron lanced a boar through while Santiago placed a boar in a head lock! Martin flew into the air to delivered a flying kick to the boar. WOW! Then Jared ran in and decapitated the boars. We thought were were finished until an EVEN larger boar with a piglet came. Ragron immediately started to give the boar some meat letting her we do not mean any harm. Flibberti talked to the piglet as well. The mother back down and we were allowed to continue on our way.
    We got close to the human village when I came up with the brilliant plan of using an arrow from the elves and pretend one of our friends were hurt so the humans would let us in. I was about to pieces Jared clock when Ragron grabbed the arrow and stabbed it into his shoulder. OUCH! My acting lessons and the arrow were able to get us through! This deception stuff is kind of fun! The group went to the temple for healing while Flibberti and I went to talk to the villagers. They seemed to not mind the new military control. They were just poor farmers before now they have purpose and the economy is growing. They are excited for the future and what this new rule will bring. Tall creatures are so interesting.
    All of the sudden Flibberti was grabbed by the shirt and lifted by Martin. He told us that we were getting gun powder from the goblins for the humans! WHAT? I thought we were going to get rid of the human leader not work for him. Before I could protest they lifted me into the cart and off we were to the goblin mine.
    At the entrance to the mine there was only one goblin scout. I knew this was my moment to shine since I did nothing last battle. I hurried over to the side of the mine entrance and spoke to the goblin INSIDE his head! I told him that he was needed in the mine and to hurry. He fell for it! He went running in and Flibberti went in after him. We waited for Flibberti to come back since only he could see in the dark. He reported back that there was 6 goblins in total and we should set a ambush. We climbed on top of the mine entrance unfortunately Dog couldn't make it. Dog started to run to the forest but the goblins where too close! As soon as they pulled an arrow on Dog Ragron jumped down and slayed them. I even killed on the them myself! They left me keep all 4 gold to myself!!! Jared exposed his flaming blue head so that we can see inside the mine. FLAMING BLUE HEAD!!! Inside the mine there was a giant ogre throwing barrels down at us. It hit Jared in the face! Luckily Santiago was able to restrain the ogre and Martin punching it down! Jared went in for the final blow, another decapitation!


    Dear Diary,
    We slept in the goblin mine during the camping we worked out a way to double cross the humans. We would wait till the feast then take out the leader! We would hide two gun powder barrels in the forest just in case we need them. They even let me drive the cart in! We were praised for our good deeds and was rewarded with 250 GP each!!! That is the most amount of money I have ever seen! But the other were not as happy. We were promised 500 GP and they started to attack out of no where! These tall people do not know how to explain their emotions without violence! Ragron spurred the horse forward and light the gunpowder on fire! The whole placed exploded. Luckily no one took damage from that but it started all the fighting. Santiago and Martin took on the cleric. Santiago fell unconscious during battle while Martin was blinded! Jared was surrounded by three guards. Ragron went after the leader and went unconscious while on Dog, who kept battling without him. I am not sure what came over me but I drove a guard mad and he ran off a platform and into the woods. Another guard almost knock me down but I was able to kill him before he could finish me off. I felt the power in me. The ability to take a life it is... intoxicating. After the battle was done it was almost a blur. The elves welcomed us back and bestowed gifts on his for killing the human leader. Hopefully harmony will come back to the forest. But I am not sure we did the right thing but killing the human leader.


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