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  • hello !
    my friend and i were looking for a campaign to get twisted up with, preferrably friday evenings and nights !
    we’re not the most experienced, but we like to have fun and have some characters we’d love to play with in a 5e game.
    we’d like something long term, so if you’ve got a game and are looking lemme know !

  • Hey,

    I think I posted in the last one of these you put up but just a refresher for you or anyone who sees this.

    I run a game of fifth edition DND every Saturday from noon to two in Jeffersonville Indiana.

    We play at the Pearl Street game and coffee with an on going storyline that also allows for real life stuff to get in the way .

    No experience needed and no restrictions on age or anything else.

    We don’t take the roast too seriously and always try to put fun over everything else.

    Come by and check it out we would love to have you!.. and Anyone else who read this

  • unfortunately my friend works saturdays and was wanting something long term.
    but ! i may investigate it here soon, aha.
    thanks for reminding me !

  • Knight Fauxrunner Judge

    @snikket Is your friend on their phone all the time? 😉

    I don't currently have an ongoing campaign, but I would be up for running some games for ya'll. I could try to recruit a couple more players, and see how it goes?

  • There is a Facebook group, role playing games southern Indiana dungeons and dragons. You might find a group there

  • Adventurer

    Hey Snikket, come to Heroes Comics tomorrow night. I'm starting a bi-weekly campaign with Lane from multiverse tomorrow and your welcome to join since you're looking for long term gaming. Lane is also the DM for the Moonthrone campaign that'll be going on next week at Heroes and although he does have some multiverse players in it, he's also wanting some regulars.

    In case you're wondering, Heroes is in Louisville.

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