Feedback: Text box size on Tablet (iPad)

  • Pictured below is what my screen looks like after compsing this message. As you can see, the 'Preview' dominates the screen and the Text box itself can only handle a word or so at a time before going to the next line. Also pictured below is what the screen looks like when the Preview is hidden. The text box still isn't large enough to handle more than a couple of words at a time. Both of these make it difficult to edit your posts as you are scrolling up a word at a time through your post.
    Picture 1 with Preview and Text Box:
    Picture 2 with Preview hidden:
    I believe this also happens on iPhones, but I'll check that out right now.

  • Judge

    You shouldn't get a preview box on mobile. I'll look into the iPad issue.

  • You're correct on iPhones. No preview box.

    Thanks for looking into it! Hopefully that post made enough sense

  • Judge

    After you hide the preview, can you refresh the page and it does the same thing?

  • It doesn't seem to. When I pull up the text box and hit refresh, it pulls me back into the thread, but doesn't give me either the 'Up-Down' arrow in the top left corner or the 'Red Plus' sign in the bottom right corner until I hit Reply again.

    At that point, all of the text I've already inputted is still there, but the text box is the same size.

  • Judge

    Yeah, it should just be like a mobile device. I'll get back to you.

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