The Warden's Reach

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    The Warden’s Reach is a nugget of necessity in the chaotic world of Kenduc. Its main branch is in Mindash, the Moam Delta Port city most known for its meritocratic government and magical engineering corps. Fortunately for Torim Goldhammer, the dwarven wizard proprietor of the Reach, the primary focus for a government frantically managing both a constant flood of refugees and the rising storm of magic is not investigation into virtually anything else. There are other tavern-slash-guild halls, sure, but the fact of the matter is this: Torim saw it coming. Torim pays the big coins. And so here you are.

    The Warden’s reach is a large building. Rumor has it that Torim bought it just after the War had ended for a song, pulling the proverbial rug out from some ancient racist Human’ house right when their pants were down, but Torim has been known to spin yarns, and mix metaphors. He’s also clearly a businessman. You can stay at the Warden’s Reach for 1 GP per night, and the competition for these rooms is stiff, even at such exorbitant prices. It’s been observed that Torim favors clientele when he chooses his employees.

    A contract begun at the Reach will usually result in a debriefing in a small room off the main drinking hall, warded from eavesdroppers by Torim. The rules of the Reach are simple. Payment upon completion. Anything acquired while on assignment is yours, unless specifically stated otherwise. The last is Torim’s specific advice, though he knows compliance is voluntary: Take what you want, then pay for it.

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