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    The Warden's Reach is rife with magic items, not many of which seem wholly good for you. If you received such an item playing at the Reach table, post it here if I haven't done so.

  • Baan’s Bracers
    Wondrous item, unique

    These braces are a dark brown leather, bound simply at the ends with copper rivets. A chaotic swirl of unknown words, symbols, interlocking borders, and drawings is etched onto their surfaces. When first donned, these bracers graft themselves painfully to your arms, grotesquely transitioning into your own skin at their ends. You take 2d6 psychic damage from the pain when you first put then on. They may only be removed by your death, the removal of your arms, or a wish spell. This item does not count against your maximum number of attuned items.

    You gain a permanent +2 to AC, as long as they are not covered by any other armor.
    You gain the Alert Feat, gaining the following:
    You have a +5 bonus to initiative rolls.
    You cannot be surprised while you are conscious.
    Other creatures do not gain advantage on attack rolls on you as a result of being hidden from you.

    The bracers, forever concerning you with your own defense, saddle your mind with chronic paranoia. You have difficulty trusting new people, are constantly worried about theft, stalking, and eavesdropping, you cannot sit with your back to a door, etc. You gain the following:

    You have disadvantage on all Insight checks.
    Any time you would receive healing or restorative spells from another character, you must make a Wisdom saving throw vs. that character's spell save DC, and refuse it on a failed save.
    You compulsively lock any possible entrance to a room you are in.

  • Isidril the Broken

    Bloomed completely from the Heartfruit, Isidril raises his eyes to you in a stunning mix of horror, hopelessness, and obeisance. His grotesque transformation from this curious fruit into this small, emaciated man before you took but a few moments, but in that time you knew you watched a man ripped from one prison into another--yours. He is yours, but you find yourself tied to him, as you have not known before. Empathy is not an emotion you are well acquainted with, and for the first time in a very long while, you are scared.

    Isidril is a level one human bard, entertainer background. He plays the lute and sings in a mournful counter tenor. Create stats for him to match the Multiverse conventions. He gains experience when you do, but at 1/10 the rate. I.e. you gain 500xp, he gains 50.

    You control him at all times as per the Dominate Person spell, as long as you two are on the same plane of existence. You know that he desires freedom and loathes you completely. His sadness is magnified by the fact that somehow, he is prevented from suicide. He operates on your initiative, going directly after you.

    During the day he appears normal, but at night, his skin glows a soft red.
    He knows your location at all times within 50 yards.

    If he is reduced to 0 hit points, he dies and dissipates, only to be reformed by your side in 7 days. He does not make death saves. He can be reduced to 0 hp by having Dispel Magic cast on him (DC 18). If he is reduced to 0hp, you take 6d8 psychic damage. If this reduces you to 0 hp, you begin your death saves with one failure.

    If Isidril is temporarily dead or further away from you than 60’, your paranoia and magical bond with him overwhelm your mind with worry. You have disadvantage on all Wisdom saving throws and skill checks.
    Isidril can only be truly released by the following: your death, a Wish spell, or being caught in an antimagic field. If he is released apart from your death, you take 8d8 psychic damage and age 1d4x10 years.

  • The Robe of Magical Reaction
    Wondrous item, unique, requires attunement

    This robe grants the wearer advantage on Saving Throws vs. spells. If the wearer fails a Saving Throw vs. spell in spite of this, roll 2d4 on the following table:

    2: The spell has no effect. The spell Antimagic Field is cast on you.
    3: The spell takes effect as normal. Immediately afterward, Otiluke’s Resilient Sphere is cast on you.
    4: The spell affects you as normal
    5: Counterspell is cast on the spell. Roll as you normally would for spells higher than Level 3
    6: The spell affects you as normal, and if you took damage of the following types: acid, cold, fire, lightning, or thunder damage, you fall under the effects of the spell Protection from Energy. This takes no spell concentration on your part.
    7: The spell is absorbed by the robe, it has no effect. You gain a spell slot equal to the spell’s base level. It is lost when used.
    8: The spell has no effect, and you fall under the effects of the spell Circle of Power. You must concentrate as normal to maintain this spell.

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