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    I'll be adding updates here to help keep track of notable persons in Moonthrone players may have encountered or heard rumors of.

    If any players have updates or information they would like to post to help remember anybody in particular, feel free to post here. Depending on what comes up, I might elaborate further, particularly if player characters ask around town or otherwise investigate during downtime days.

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    House Zrrkun Notables
    Lady Perela Darvishon Zrrkun
    Twin sister of Lord Thad Zoraster Zrrkun, who disappeared mysteriously in the Great Hunt of Gnarn two years ago, and older sister of Lord Noraster Zrrkun, who took over as Huntmaster for this year's Great Hunt (and who also went briefly missing--see below).
    When Noraster went missing on the eve of hunt, she took over as hunt master and ordered an investigation into Noraster's disappearance. She wasn't too happy with the PCs after they managed to either escape the hunt completely, or steal the glory by capturing a wild gnome (ahem, Nyx).
    Currently betrothed to Alvelas Azphelai, a wealthy Oemarrian noble of the Azphelai elves from the deserts of eastern Oemarrian. Their upcoming wedding is one of the biggest events in Moonthrone in generations, even in the City Below among those who have no hope of securing an invitation.

    Lord Noraster Zrrkun deceased
    Younger brother of the Thad Zoraster and Perela Darvishon Zrrkun, Noraster became the heir to House Zrrkun when Thad went missing over a year ago. Noraster himself went missing under mysterious circumstances during the most recent Great Hunt's first evening of festivities.
    In fact, he was polymorphed into a gnome (along with two servants he took back to his room to cap off the night, and some dogmen guards) after the PCs sneaked into his room and stole the Great Hunt's gnome caps, Horn of the Hunt, and Huntmaster's Ring. His sister Perela kept his transformation a secret to protect the family's reputation, and ensured the hunt went on without him. Noraster, along with the polymorphed dogmen and the servants, were turned in as catches in the hunt. While under guard as captured gnome, Perela had Noraster gagged, while the gnome-capped guards and servants had their tongues removed, to keep them from revealing their true identities and embarrassing House Zrrkun.
    In a daring raid on the Zrrkun family estate, Noraster was freed and transformed back into his original form, but only after Jared, Paladin of Azul, forced him to call on Azul for help. In the process, Azul corrupted his arm, causing it to shrivel and turn blue.

    Lord Thad Zoraster Zrrkun
    Eldest Zrrkun son and prior heir to House Zrrkun, the most powerful noble house in Moonthrone after House Mourn. He went missing in the previous Great Hunt of Gnarn. In fact, he was polymorphed into a gnome, turned in as the prize catch, and eaten at the last Banquet of Gnarn, a fact only handful of adventurers (i.e. multiverse characters) know. To most of Moonthrone, at least those who would have any knowledge of rumors among the nobility, the cause of his disappearance is a mystery.

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    Dokeppel Ironbones

    Dwarven artificer. A olive -tan skinned dwarf, bald on top, with jet-black hair and a beard braided into a jumble of iron trinkets and charms of numerous holy symbols of many different Oemarrian deities.

    Despite the nest of symbols in his beard, Dokeppel is a devout follower of Mora’din, a cultural variation of Moradin particular to the desert dwarves of East Oemarria. For the longest time this was no problem, as the Oemarrian’s are generally tolerant of many gods; the Empire is often referred to as the Land of the Thousand Gods after all. No problem, that is, until Dokeppel’s notoriety as an artificer brought him to the attention of the Priest Kings. The previous Priest King, Havivlax IV deemed the ultimate incarnation of the Divine to be Ogon the Maker, God of smithing and crafting. As this was close to the dwarven deity of Moradin, the supremacy of Ogun as the purest reflection of the divine, and Moradin an inferior aspect, was not an issue the Priests felt any need to push. However, when the current Priest King, Brom, took the throne and decreed Mord, the Great Bear, Avatar of Death, to be the supreme incarnation of divinity, the failure of loyal subjects to declare death, and not creation, as the ultimate divine aspect was more harshly punished. The common people might, if pushed by the Priest-guard, easily declare Mord supreme and then go back to worshiping their own gods as they like, but those in higher positions, like artificer to the church, found lack of sincerity or failure to denounce their deity as a lesser reflection punishable with a one way trip to the bear-pits.

    Dokeppel, once artificer to the Cathedral of Khoram, pretended fealty to Mord, but out of religious devotion began to undermine the State with assistance to religious insurgent groups. Smuggling Halflings devoted to their pantheon led to connections to less savory insurgents, which led to criminal contacts. Dokeppel found his fortunes faltering as his fear of being found and fed to the bears increased. When the Priests at the cathedral discovered the tunnels and hidey-holes Dokeppel used to hide refugees trying to escape the Empire, he was forced to go into hiding.

    In exchange for protection from the Priest-guard and the throne, Dokeppel found himself bartered and sold between criminal gangs and organizations, serving a brief stint with each of the gangs mentioned above, and performing one time jobs and favors for many more.

    Finally, as a prisoner of the notorious and ruthless gang known as the Godless, Dokeppel planned and made his escape from the Empire. It was complicated, but the gist is that Dokeppel made a series of clockwork bombs that destroyed a portion of the Cathedral of Khoram, implicated the Godless, and led to the arrest of the Godless’s leader Hakriss the Depraved, a twisted human who moved past gnomish cannibalism into full on humanoid gastronomy. Dokeppel, who was already a minor enemy of the state, earned his way onto the most wanted list of both the Oemarrian state and criminal worlds, but also managed to disappear into his old refugee smuggling routes and make his way to Moonthrone.

    Thanks to his clockwork time-bomb, to this day the Cathedral of Khoram continues to explode into pieces and revert back to full intact glory every seven seconds in an infinite time-loop, along with anyone dumb enough to get too close the blast.

    Long on the run from both the Oemarrian government and cartels, Dokeppel currently resides in an undisclosed safehouse known only to the dwarven priest Adric, and maybe a handful of others.

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