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    Sorcerous Wells
    Louisville D&D Multiverse Rules

    Sorcerous Wells are magic made tangible. Usually, they are globes about 4” in diameter, and are colored according to the school of magic they are from. Each well can hold a specific spell. The spell that is contained can be determined by either the identify spell, or by making an arcana check. The DC is equal to 10+ the contained spell’s level. The contained spell can be cast in exactly the same way an identical scroll can be. Usually, only one spell can ever be contained by any individual well.

    Beginning immediately after the contained spell is cast, the well begins to turn immaterial. At the end of 24 hours, the well will vanish, unless it can be charged. The following conditions must both be met to recharge it during actual play (no downtime days may be spent to charge wells):
    A spell of the same school of magic (evocation, conjuration, etc.), but one level higher than it must be cast into it. A spell cast in this way has no effect except to charge the well. Component requirements are still required to cast it.
    An amount of gold or equivalent objects of value equal to 50gp x the spell’s level must be sacrificed to bolster the magic’s reinvigorated physical form.

    A charged well will keep its charge indefinitely, as long as it remains in an area where magic is possible. Anti-magic fields have been known to dissipate some wells. Sorcerous Wells may be charged any number of times, as long as the conditions are met each time. Rumor has it that wells that come too close to each other become unstable, but so far their rarity has disallowed testing.

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