Friday Nights RPGs 6/22/18

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    We had a wonderful time last Friday at Friday Nights RPGs. Excellent games and some fun prizes for our volunteer GMs. There were many prizes and many lucky winners.

    First to go home with a prize was Eric who took home a hand crafted Purple Worm by Tasrek Special. Nerd Louisville's former accountant Andy took home a VIP ticket this years NerdLouvia!!! Its going to be an outstanding event that we all look forward to at the end of the year. Goesif won Tomb of Annihilation brought to us by our very own Heroes Comics & Gaming!! Andy and Jacob each went home with a Nerd Louisville glass brought to us by Nerd Louisville. Lane won the condition tokens and the Blind Roll Box that was crafted once again by Tasrek Special! Connor was lucky enough to win the initiative traker set while Jacob won a Slur your Role Shirt and Dark Tower book brought to us by Nerd Louisville! Matt that runs Starfinder and Steven each took a set of dice. Micah will be taking home a Slur your Role shirt!

    Hmm i think thats about it! Lol we had lots of great prizes but thats only because we have lots of great volunteer Game Masters! None of this would be possible without each and every volunteer so we would like to thank all of our helpers!

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    Awesome! Cool stuff, dudes.

  • Happy to contribute to the giveaway! You're doing an awesome job with FNRPGs!

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