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    One of the trickiest issues as a Multiverse DM, in my experience at least, is player character balance in regard to magic items. That said, one of my favorite parts of being a DM is making up weird ass items and mucking around with player characters, as anyone who has played in my game and rolled on my corruption table can attest. So I've been thinking of ways to help manage the issue.

    I'm a big fan of Article 6 of the Multiverse Conventions, but understandably players aren't the best about warning DMs of the crazy stuff they have. We play to do awesome stuff, not manage inventory! But I'd rather not have to start an inquisition every time a character rolls something insane just to check if an item is too much or not. So I've made up this sheet, and I'm thinking of handing them out before my games. I figure it would be helpful for players to keep track of their magic items, and it would be useful for GMs to make a quick scan and address issues at the start, before getting too into the weeds of an adventure.

    Just to be clear: I'm not trying to propose a new multiverse rule, or complain about any particular DMs or items; I think Article 6 is a great way to leave the Multiverse open to all styles of adventures--sometimes nutso power-level games are awesome, but not all DMs want to run that style of game. But some sort of tool to help DMs facilitate the level of game they want to run would be helpful, so I'm going to try this.

    If a player wants to use a magic item in my game, make sure it is on the sheet. If I'm ok with it, I'll initial on the right, or write in Moonthrone or something. Going forward, the player will know that particular thing works in my particular plane of the Multiverse, and next time that player plays at my table, ideally he can just hand me the sheet again and I can quickly see I'm already good with that item and move on.

    Comments? Thoughts? Any other multiverse DMs are welcome to use the sheet or offer improvements.

    Article 6
    Generally, any spell, magical item, or other unusual power may be used among all Multiverse games. However, each DM reserves the right to restrict, or outright forbid, magic and powers that they deem “broken”, overpowered, out of genre, or just too weird. If a player has such a spell, item, or power, they should make an honest effort to warn the DM before the game and decide the proper course of action.

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    Not a DM, not yet anyway. But this is a solid idea. As a player since I make my character sheets both physically and also on DnDBeyond, I've been linking a read-only version of the sheet to DM's so they can go over what I have. It's a helpful addition they recently added.

    Even before that however I've always tried to follow that rule, even when my barbarian was only Level 5 I felt like mentioning that I've got a Dwarven Thrower was important.

  • Honestly a great idea to have printed off and filled out ahead of time, and add to it as your character grows; trying to explain everything I have when sitting down with a GM can be time consuming and take away precious time; especially during Friday nights, where we have a finite cutoff. 10/10 will use

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    This is awesome @Lane! Great idea.

  • This needs to be incorporated into the rules. I love this.

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    That might be possible if printed copies are made available at events. But this swings around to the real issue Lane brought up; some players just don't follow Article 6. On the flip side some DMs also just may not care about making an already really powerful character moreso but that's a different can of worms.

    As I mentioned months ago, if I can figure out who the DM is for a new session they get my whole character sheet in digital format to look over.

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