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    The Vanguard Chalice is a holdover artifact from the Great War in the possession of Torim Goldhammer, the proprietor of the Wardens Reach. It's intended usage is unclear, but it doesn't take a strong imagination to understand that it's purpose is vile. Torim uses it as a method of serving pro bono contracts, and he uses it sparingly indeed. Once activated, the chalice can be given a set of conditions to be met before it ceases working. While active, people within the immediate vicinity of the Chalice cannot leave its presence by any means, until the conditions are met. While serving the Chalice, any creature that dies is immediately replaced by another creature (randomly chosen) near the Chalice, until either the conditions are met or there are no more bodies to replace with. Understandable how the Chalice is known by another name by veterans of the Reach: the Fodder Cup.

    The Chalice was recently activated to respond to a demonic incursion into the settlement of Idyllcarcie by flesh eating fungus, parasitic demon worms, and undead. It ended with the death of Loreth Fezrallidin, and the destruction of, what is believed to have caused the incursion, a garment called Zuggtmoy's Gown. That activation was much more successful than the previous activation, nearly 25 years prior.

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