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    7/29 SYR:

    Handy Haversack
    This Backpack has a central pouch and two side pouches, each of which is an extradimensional space. Each side pouch can hold up to 20 pounds of material, not exceeding a volume of 2 cubic feet. The large central pouch can hold up to 8 cubic feet or 80 pounds of material. The Backpack always weighs 5 pounds regardless of its contents.

    Placing an object in the haversack follows the normal rules for Interacting with Objects. Retrieving an item from the haversack requires you to use an action. When you reach into the haversack for a specific item, the item is always magically on top.

    The haversack has a few limitations. If it is overloaded, or if a sharp object pierces it or tears it, the haversack ruptures and is destroyed. If the haversack is destroyed, its contents are lost forever, although an artifact always turn up again somewhere. If the haversack is turned inside out, its contents spill forth, unharmed, and the haversack must be put right before it can be used again. If a breathing creature is placed within the haversack, the creature can survive for up to 10 minutes, after which time it begins to suffocate.

    Placing the haversack inside an extradimensional space created by a Bag of Holding, Portable Hole, or similar item instantly destroys both item and opens a gate to the Astral Place. The gate originates where the one item was placed inside the other. Any creature within 10 feet of the gate is sucked through it and deposited in a random location on the Astral Plane. The gate then closes. The gate is one-way only and can't be reopened.

    Potion of Heroism
    For 1 hour after drinking it, you gain 10 temporary hit points that last for 1 hour. For the same duration, you are under the effect of the bless spell (no concentration required). This blue potion bubbles and steams as if boiling.

    Potion of Superior Healing
    You regain 8d4 + 8 hit points when you drink this potion. The potion’s red liquid glimmers when agit

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    Brain Berries
    Appearance: This pleasantly fragrant bush produces olive green berries resembling small figs. Each bush contains 3d12 berries.

    Cultivation: The bushes are difficult to maintain. Any character wishing to cultivate the plant must first make a DC 15 Nature check (Druids have advantage on this check). If a character fails this check they must spend a week of downtime studying the plant before they can make the check again. If they do so, they make the next check with advantage. If they fail this 2nd check, they automatically fail any further checks on this or any other Brain Berry Bush.

    On a successful check the character will be able to maintain the bush as long as it stays in a moderate temperature and is rooted in water. A healthy bush cultivated in this way will continue to produce 1d4 berries per week.

    Consumption: Eating 3 of these berries results in a temporary +2 increase to a creature’s Intelligence score (up to a maximum of 20). The effect wears off after 3 days or immediately after a Greater Restoration spell is cast on the creature. Once the effect wears off the creature will fell disoriented and weak and will be inflicted by the poisoned condition for 1d4 hours (only a Lesser or Greater Restoration spell will end this affliction early). Eating more than 3 berries will not result in a higher intelligence bonus.

    A player who eats 3 or more berries at one time must make a DC 15 Constitution saving throw. The difficulty of the save increases by 1 for each berry eaten after 3. On a failed save, the character becomes addicted to the berries.

    Cumulative effects: If the character has been under the influence of the berries for 1 continuous week (without the effects having worn off for any period during that time) then the next time that character consumes 3 berries at once they will receive an additional +2 to Intelligence (up to a maximum of 20). For example, if a character has consistently been under the influence of the berries for one month (4 weeks), they would have a +8 Increase to their Intelligence score (as long as that does not bring their total score to over 20). If the character loses the Intelligence bonus granted by the berries at any time and for any reason, they will start back at +2 the next time they consume the berries.

    Addiction: A character who is addicted to the berries will become increasingly agitated with the passage of time. Once the effects of the berries wear off the player will enter a rage for *d4 + X hours (where * is the highest total bonus to Intelligence the creature received as a result of the berries and X being how many weeks the character has been under the influence of the berries, with a minimum of 1). For example, a creature with a base Intelligence score of 12 who has been taking the berries for 3 weeks would receive a +6 bonus to Intelligence, meaning their rage would last 6d4 + 3 hours.

    While raging the player will lash out and attack the closest living creature (friend or foe) and receives the same effects as the Barbarians rage ability (this acts as a Level 1 rage, regardless of the level or class of the character). A Greater Restoration spell would immediately end the Addicted Condition, but has no effect on a creature who has already entered the Rage.

    If no other living creatures are near the character, he or she will seek them out. If the character is locked away in a room, they will furiously try to escape, causing injury to themselves in the process if they are not completely restrained.

    Once the rage wears off, the character will feel sick, and take the poisoned condition for *d8 + X hours (where * is the highest total bonus to Intelligence the creature received as a result of the berries and X being how many weeks the character has been under the influence of the berries, with a minimum of 1). There is no known way to end this condition early.

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    Gem of Seeing
    Wondrous item, rare (requires attunement)

    This gem has 3 charges. As an action, you can speak the gem’s command word and expend 1 charge. For the next 10 minutes, you have truesight out to 120 feet when you peer through the gem.

    The gem regains 1d3 expended charges daily at dawn.

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