The Mournlands

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    The Mournlands are the ruins of a once legendary kingdom in Khorvaire, once the shining star of the land, Khorvaire fell during an event known as "The Day of Mourning" for which it was named. Formerly known as Cyre, this land has never recovered from the magical reckoning it received that day. The laws of the Mournland are deceptively harsh and relatively simple: Those who enter the Mournland probably won’t survive. Those who do survive will be changed—physically, spiritually, and mentally. Nature doesn’t work here the way it does outside the dead-gray mists. In the Mournland the dead don’t decompose, or necessarily even stop moving. Some force or forces unleashed on the Day of Mourning continue to mutate the land and the things that live (and die) there, creating monstrosities the likes of which have never before been seen on the continent of Khorvaire. The wretched creatures of the Mournland live by being smarter, stronger, luckier, or more cunning than those around them. Some laws of nature have been bent or broken here, but the ultimate law remains in effect—the fit and strong survive while the weak, slow, stupid, and unlucky die.

    Mournland Specific Rules:
    -No natural healing works in the mournland
    -When a spell of 3rd level or higher is cast, roll on the wild magic table
    -Food does not perish, nor do bodies decay, as normal.
    -Spells which do magical healing operate at half-efficiency, as well as healing potions or any other healing effect.
    -Druid's spell goodberry operates normally, and is the reason for the popularity of goodberry wine.
    -Paladin's ability to Lay on Hands seems unaffected by the Mournlands.
    -Dimensional pockets a la Rope Trick work.
    -A consecrate spell will allow natural processes to occur and healing to work properly, within the confines of the spell's area and for that duration.
    -Dark rituals performed in the mournland, i.e. a sacrifice, have a greater outcome in the form of a profane bonus to the religion check made.

    Rumor has it that although no living creature could live in the Mournland, the Warforged that were once the subjects of the former nation of Cyre can survive and build forces there under the tutelage of one known as "The Lord of Blades" ...but that is just rumor...right?


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