Talenta Plains

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    The Talenta Plains are a vast grassland stretching from the Blade Desert to the borders of Karrnath and the Mournland. It is the home of wandering herds of buffalo-sized dinosaurs and tribal halflings remaining true to their ancient nomadic way of life since the days before humans walked the lands of Khorvaire.

    Undocumented places discovered:
    -The Temple of the Viper: Located south of Krezent in the Blade Desert, this temple is etched into the the Endworld Mountainside. What is known thus far about this temple is that it was once a castle used in ancient times as a rest stop between Krezent and the nation of Valnar, until now this temple had been lost, recently a few pc's have discovered it to be overrun by the Yuan-ti people, deep in this temple is said to be the fabled Rod of Resurrection, along with other treasures that may have been buried with the king that was said to have died here.

    More to come the more that is explored.


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