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    So any interest in a non D&D game? In particular, Numenera (though I'm always up for some DCC too, so feel free to let me know on that front too). For those unfamiliar with the setting and system here's a brief overview.

    A billion or so years in the future, countless civilizations have risen and fallen. The leftovers litter the world, playing out the old Asimov trope [edit: oh spit! Did I say Asimov? I meant Clarke! Revoke my nerd card!] that advanced enough technology is indistinguishable from magic.

    Feel free to do a search for Numenera or Cypher System for more rules synopsis, but essentially, character creation means making up a description of your character:
    You're a [adjective] [noun] who [does something]. Such as an angry glaive (fighter type) who fights automatons.
    But, there are still rules for what that means, so it's not as freeform as Fate or some more story-based systems, but still more narrative and player controlled than D&D.

    They just released a rules revamp that adds more community/city building focus. Thanks to my kickstarter problem, I have the rules and enough material to run years of games.

    I also have sweet new basement setup, and a 10 year old (some of you might recognize him from Friday Night Rpgs) who pores over the books and really wants to get a game going with the new Wright class.

    Any interest? I'm thinking I might try and do a one shot or two if anyone's on the fence, with the possibility of leading into a longer campaign.

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    I wouldn’t mind trying this, time and additional players permitting.

  • I could be interested. When & where?

  • Dungeon Master

    Still working out the details. Some time thr week of September 10th at the earliest. I'm up for figuring out what works for people once get 4 or more interested.

  • Adventurer

    I'm game as long as it isn't Saturday through Tuesday (work schedule you know). I'm sure Mason might be up to it as well.

  • Wednesdays, maybe Thursdays work well for me.

  • Adventurer

    Currently free on Tue, Thur, and Sat nights.

  • Judge

    I'm interested. Haven't played but tried another Cypher game at gen con (the strange) and had a lot of fun.

    My gf may also be interested. She's never played a pen & paper rpg but was into the numenera pc game.

  • Dungeon Master

    So far, the best day for me is probably Saturday nights, maybe 6 until whenever, twice a month.

    The wife has approved Saturdays on non-Slur weekends, so the earliest I could be a go is 9/8, but later would be fine too, to give me enough prep time. First session would be mostly character creation and rules/setting intro, or maybe just pre-mades with the starter set if people just want to try it out first.

  • Adventurer

    Non-slur Saturdays work great for me.

  • Dungeon Master

    Still looking for interested players, and starting to narrow down some possible dates to try it out.

    Looking at Saturday, 9/15. I'm happy to help players make characters, or people can just use pre-mades and try out an adventure to see if they're up for more.

    If that doesn't work, or for anybody who can't make 9/15, next session 10/6. Ideally, I'd like to eventually get a bi-weekly game going if people are into it, but no pressure and no commitments necessary if anyone just wants to try it out!

  • Judge

    I’d be interested in playing.

  • Dungeon Master

    New update: my regular Friday game this week has had scheduling issues, so I'll be throwing something together for this Friday night at Heroes. Looking to start around 7, but depending on how my work goes could be later.

  • I might be interested. I owned the Numenara book at one time, but never played it.

  • Judge

    I work late on Fridays (not available until 8:30), but if this Friday is a 1-time thing in preparation for a bi-weekly Saturday game I could try to make space for it.

  • I can't make a Friday game, but if we start late afternoon/early evening on Saturday I shouldn't have an issue. We also need to figure out a where.

  • Dungeon Master

    Can't do this Saturday (gotta have time to prep DCC for this Sunday at Slur), but hope next Saturday, and semi-regular bi-weekly after that. I'm thinking late afternoon/evening, at my place if that's ok. This Friday at Heroes just kinda worked out for a test run for me to reacquaint myself with the rules.

    Depending on how my work goes, could start late too (regular 5e game that usually goes Friday gets going around 8).

  • Been looking for a new game and started checking out this one, you all still running a regular game or know of any groups running it?

  • Dungeon Master

    Still haven't gotten to the regular rotation yet on this one. So far only had one session 0, but think have a full table at this point. I'll let you know if something opens up.

    Speaking of which, still set for first real session if any of the set players see this!

  • I don't think my work schedule is going to allow me to make a regular game. He can have my spot.

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