Armchair Adventures VIP Summit (9/1-9/2)


    Armchair Adventures is hosting a weekend of gaming on Saturday and Sunday.

    SAT 7 AM RPG Workshop: Character Creation
    SAT 9 AM RPG: Demon Hunter FBI TV Pilot game
    SAT 9 AM RPG: Call of Cthulu (Pathfinder 1E System)
    SAT 9 AM RPG: Pathfinder 2E Playtest
    SAT 9 AM RPG: Kids RPG (ages 6-10)
    SAT 9 AM RPG: Starfinder
    SAT 1 PM Painting Party!
    SAT 1 PM RPG: Shadow of the Demon Lord
    SAT 1 PM RPG: A Wookie, A Gambler and a Protocol Droid Walk into a Cantina (Star Wars WEG, D6)
    SAT 1 PM RPG: AD&D 2E Planescape
    SAT 1 PM RPG: Kids RPG (middle school age)
    SAT 5 PM Board game: The Others 7 Sins
    SAT 5 PM RPG: D&D 5E
    SAT 5 PM RPG: "Guest of Honor Game" Chase in the Snow (D&D 5E RHYM)
    SAT 5 PM RPG: Final Fantasy Starfinder System
    SAT 8 PM RPG: Yuan-ti Temple (D&D 5E)
    SAT 9 PM Board game: Lunch Money
    SAT 9 PM RPG: Halo Risk
    SAT 9 PM RPG: The Vault! (Call of Cthulhu 7th Ed)
    SAT 9 PM Board game: Catacombs
    SAT 10 PM Board game: Terraforming Mars
    SAT 11 PM RPG Workshop: World Building for Fun & Profit
    SUN 8 AM Church Service
    SUN 9 AM Board game: Photosynthesis
    SUN 9 AM RPG: Meep on the Borderland (Muppet Fantasy)
    SUN 9 AM RPG: Pathfinder 2E Playtest
    SUN 9 AM RPG: Shadows of Esteren
    SUN 9 AM RPG: Intro to Starfinder
    SUN 12 PM Buy, Sale, Trade Day!
    SUN 1 PM Board game: Scythe
    SUN 1 PM RPG: Shadow of the Demon Lord
    SUN 1 PM Mystery at the Monastery (D&D 5E)
    SUN 1 PM RPG: Inn too Deep-Jonny Quest/Cthulhu Mashup
    SUN 1 PM Painting Party!
    SUN 5 PM RPG: Sailormoon
    SUN 5 PM RPG: Call of Cthulu (Pathfinder 1E System)
    SUN 5 PM RPG: Trial Spire (D&D 5E)
    SUN 5:30 PM RPG: The Forlon Hope (Traveller)

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