Multiverse Campaign Listing

  • This is the Multiverse Campaign listing. If your campaign is not on this, post here or let me know. If you have a Multiverse Campaign and want a discussion area dedicated to your campaign so you can post and track details about your world, let me know and I'll set it up for you.


    The Eldritch Isles | DM: Mike Pfaff

    Seafaring and dungeon exploration with a strong mix of swashbuckling, horror, and weird fiction.

    Ghostwalk | DM: Jonathan Meadows

    Adventure in a world of ghosts and spirits.

    Dispatches from the Warden's Reach | DM: Jackson King

    High risk adventuring for hire in a world in the doldrums with its magic in storm.

    Carcere | DM: Casey Snook

    Risk life and limb in the arenas of the Prison World of Carcere.

    Darkest Thay | DM: Steven Wu

    An episodic travelogue adventure.

    Moonthrone | DM: Lane Bowen

    Cityscape of magic & horror, werewolves & warlocks.

    Weird World | DM: Elliott Paul

    Dr. Weird is looking for heroes for hire to send on some adventures that he is less than willing to go on himself, jobs and environments vary. Weakhearted and cowardly need not apply.

    Fury of the Gem Isles | DM: William Alfred Berry

    The Beautiful Gem Isles are told to contain riches and mystery beyond belief, but what doom dwells on Obsidian Island?

    Marlisle's Marvelous Museum | DM: Hilary Weiss

    When collecting artifacts from the crumbling shrines of dead gods, best make sure they're actually DEAD first.

    Khorvaire | DM: Westley Meredith

    High risk and High Level Adventuring, Dungeon Crawling and Survival in the cities and wild lands of the continent of Khorvaire.

    The Lost Continent | DM: John Lusky

    Tales of sword and sorcery, untouched riches beyond imagination, and of those who are bold enough to brave the forgotten dangers. Old school D&D set in the multiverse. Adventurers be warned.

    Storm King's Thunder | DM: Jonathan Meadows

    Play through the grand WotC adventure, but Multiverse style!

    [Online Campaign] Daggerford | DM: Anthony Joyce

    An evil campaign with a narrative focus.

    Do you want to start a Multiverse campaign? Post here with details.

  • This goes here?

    Ragnarok | DM: Michael Johnson
    A tale of Gods and legends in a bountiful world of magic and secrets.

  • @dicetomato said in Multiverse Campaign Listing:

    This goes here?

    Ragnarok | DM: Michael Johnson
    A tale of Gods and legends in a bountiful world of magic and secrets.

    Is this a multiverse campaign?

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