Researching the Professor

  • Jakub plays the events that occurred the night of Adam's party in his mind over and over : Albert attacking them. Freddie showing up. Following Freddie and learning of the Broken / Blessed, the Professor and his telescope. And finally the events at the mansion....

    He tries to make sense (or let go) of much of what happened that night, but one thing lingers with him -- Professor Hart. Jakub and Audie were forced to kill him before they could learn much about him, the telescope that changes people into one of the 'Broken' or 'Blessed', or the community / group (some might say cult) of them that have been forming in Pinebox.

    Jakub would like to do some research on the Professor to see if he can't learn anything about the man or his life. There are a number of ways Jakub has thought of in order to do this:

    • Speaking to the man who appeared Broken at the Caballo Indian Reservation -- saying things to him like 'Do you know a Professor Hart?' 'Have you ever looked into a telescope?' 'Do you follow the Blessed?' Jakub doesn't necessarily believe this will work, but he'll try.

    • Doing a Google search on 'Professor Hart Pinebox, NM' and 'Professor Hart Telescope'

    • Going to the library or wherever public records are kept and looking for any archived local news articles on those subjects. Jakub tried to reach out to Cyrus Matthews for help on this, but he said he was going to a carnival or something.

    • Speaking to Freddie once again and seeing if he'll tell me what he knows about Professor Hart and the telescope. If he goes this route, he'll see about taking the 'Broken' Indian man with him.


  • While Googling/Researching Professor Hart you learn the following information:

    Name: Professor Melvin Hart

    Professor Hart is an Astronomer that works for the Southwestern New Mexico Community College. He holds a Doctorate in Astronomy which is unusual for someone teaching at the community college level. Hart attended Texas A&M for his undergraduate degree and Columbia University for his doctorate.

    In 2014, Professor Hart gained a measure of fame within the astrological community after he spotted transient, transit-like dimming events of a young star named RIK-210 located some 472 light years away in the Upper Scorpius OB association. This event puzzled astronomers because it was concluded that the dimming could not have been caused by an eclipsing stellar or brown dwarf companion.

    While trying to speak to the Broken man at the Caballo Indian Reservation, you are not able to gain any information. No matter what you do, the man is unresponsive.

    You visit Freddie Jensen and take the Broken man from the reservation with you. Freddie confirms that the man is Broken, but doesn't recognize him. Freddie tells you that he was introduced to Professor Hart by Reverend Fitzgerald. Freddie's mom is a devout Catholic, and when the Reverend proclaimed he could show his followers God, Freddie's mom convinced him to go with her to the observatory. He tells you that his mom walked away Blessed and that she has been spending all of her time reading a book called The Testament of Carnamagos.

  • Interesting.....

    One possible follow-up. Is Freddie unresponsive in the way the Broken he was caring for were or does it appear to be something else?

  • Sorry, I misunderstood what you asked originally, I thought Freddie was what you had named the guy on the reservation. I'll update this again.

    That's what I get for trying to do this while dealing with a client meltdown at work lol

  • @Justin I have updated the post with the correct information.

  • Even more interesting....

    If either of these are things you'd rather see happen in session, let me know.

    Following up on that, Jakub would be curious to speak with any other astronomers (perhaps even at SWNMCC) about Dr. Hart and this star he found. He would also want to ask Freddie if he knows where to get a copy of The Testament of Carnamagos, or if Freddie could get him a copy.

    Jakub is very curious as to why Freddie is so open about all of this, but he doesn't express this to him. In the back of his mind, Jakub sympathizes with Freddie and hopes that he can help Freddie as much as Freddie has helped him so far.

  • You get the sense that Freddie doesn't like being broken. He hates taking orders from the Blessed but he doesn't have a choice. That being said, he only has to obey direct commands.

    He doesn't seem to know much about the book, but he's pretty sure there is only one copy. He tells you that his mom or the Reverend usually keep it close by.

    For the rest, you'll have to investigate in game.

  • Just as a matter of the conversation about the book -- Because there seems to be only one copy of the Book, does that mean his Mother is close to the Reverend? Or does the Reverend seem to loan the book out to any of the Blessed?

  • You get the impression that the two are close. Freddie tells you he caught them together once chanting in some strange language. He noticed that while they were chanting the room looked seemed somehow aged and rusted, but when they noticed him enter they stopped and the room shifted back to normal.

  • Most interesting!!

    Thank you again Freddie. Stay safe friend.


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