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    I am new to the site, but it looks like a pretty awesome place. I am looking for a group that has space for 1 player in the evening on any day Wednesday-Friday. I am also open to anytime on Saturday or Sunday. I am hoping for a weekly or biweekly game. If there are any going on that have a spot. Drop me a line. I appreciate any information! Have a great day.

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    Come check out Heroes Comics on Baxter Avenue every Friday: this coming Friday is a non-Nerd Louisville night (as in non-multiverse) game night and there's usually a couple of games going on. Next Friday (September 14th) is the next Nerd Louisville night at Heroes and there's always a game to hop into but I recommend getting there before 7pm (games generally start around 8pm but there are exceptions) because parking starts to be a problem.

  • Hey I run a weekly group that runs every Saturday from 12-2 at pearl st coffee in Jeffersonville. (405 pearl st Jeffersonville

    We are an open table style game where everyone and anyone can join. We are playing 5e and are currently level 7 if you want to bring a character ahead of time. If you don’t feel comfortable making a character I bring pre generated too.

    We have a fun while not taking the rules to seriously. We are welcome to beginners experts or anything in between.

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