No Thank You Evil interest?

  • Kid #1 is getting a copy of Monte Cook's "No Thank You Evil" for Christmas. Because games like this are best played with others, I wondered if anyone would be interested in a monthly gaming event for younger RPG players.

    Monte Cook's "No Thank You Evil": The rules run on the Cypher/Numenera System, scaled to a d6. It seems fairly straight forward, even if it isn't very similar to a d20 system.

    My goal would be a 2 hour adventure once a month, with the potential to build to an overarching story plot if players are consistent from month to month. Target age range would be 5-10ish.

    If others would be interested, let me know and I'll see about setting something up.

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    There's a guy who goes by Carlson somewhere around here who was trying for years to get a gaming group for his kid. I'll try to see if he sees this.

  • Yeah, I ended up running a small campaign for my son and friends for a while. Started with Hero Kids, moved to 5E for a time, then to Barbarians of Lemuria Legendary Edition.

    Course, the problem with running a game for three kids with varying levels of attention issues is that, after a time, the cats that you're herding end up preferring the Wii in the basement to the Bugbear at the dining room table.

    That said, it's great fun seeing a table of kids that are about the same age you were when you started playing react to the horde of kobolds running for them, or the moment they realize the angry villagers weren't chasing them, but the cultists who just them escape.

  • Judge

    This might be of interest. No Thank You, Evil! is included in the bonus collection.

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