The Subterranean Empire of K’n-yan (Wolves of Blood + Honor)

  • Call of Cthulhu Pinebox Episode 1, played 9/11/2016.

    • Bianca played Mercedes Perez, Engineering Student from Tijuana, attending St Damian University. Unsure about plans after graduation. Lover of Raquel.
    • Cydney played Raquel Horowitz, Archeology graduate student (TA) at St. Damian U. From Chicago. Interested in local myths. Jewish. Lover of Mercedes.
    • Derrick played HW Black, Fiction Author. HW wants to write a novel based on local mythical creatures, so he is renting a place in Pinebox temporarily to do research and write the novel. Met Earl and Raquel online.
    • Marnix played Earl Suther, Tyler’s little brother. High School nerd in brother’s shadow.
    • Bill played Tyler Suther, born in Pinebox. 19 yrs old. Student at SWNMCC (Southwest New Mexico Community College). The SWNMCC mascot used to be Red Mexicans, but is now the Monarchs.
    • Jeff played Dirty Frank the drug dealer. Born in California. From everywhere. 28 yrs old. Male. Picked up Lucin on way to town. Deals drugs to Tyler and Raquel.
    • Rhonda played Lucin Ledbetter, female high school rebel. Born in Phoenix. 15 yrs old. Ran away from foster care. Hitchhiked to Pinebox with Dirty Frank. Knows Earl from the bowling alley, where she defended him from bullies.

    It is Sunday, November 6, 2016. Tyler and Earl Suther are throwing a party while their parents are out of town. All of the PCs are enjoying a barbeque at the Suther House at the end of a cul-de-sac.

    Earl and Tyler’s step-brother Cody shows up. This is the first time they’ve seen Cody in months, since he joined a right-wing survivalist group. Cody explains that the survivalist group, the Wolves of Blood + Honor, have entered an underground complex in the nearby National Park. Cody tells them that his group leader learned about the complex in a dream, and they were going to use it to take refuge during the coming race war.
    Cody shows them a heavy gold amulet with a large jewel. It weighs several pounds. The other survivalists brought it back to the surface after they explored the underground site. Cody stole the amulet and escaped. Cody intends to sell the amulet and flee to South America. Cody wants advice from Tyler to figure out how to do it.
    Cody drinks and celebrates. The Wolves of Blood & Honor call him on his walkie-talkie. “Thor, this is Wolf Base. Come in Thor.” Prompted by the other characters, Cody responds to the radio call, telling the wolves that he is fleeing from law-enforcement that is in hot pursuit.
    Cody asks for some music. Lucin pulls up “Five Finger Death Punch” on her laptop playlist.

    Cody puts on the amulet, and suddenly becomes robotic. The gem in the amulet starts to glow bright red, and it starts to burn Cody through his shirt. Cody speaks in an unnatural and alien voice, saying “What is this Place?” Tyler blasts Cody with a fire extinguisher. Cody attacks him, but Tyler easily throws Cody to the ground and restrains him. In the same unnatural voice, Cody tells him “You have defeated me. I grant you the amulet.” Earl removes the amulet from Cody. Cody returns to his normal redneck self, in pain from third-degree burns on his chest.
    Earl feels the power of the amulet compelling him to wear it, but he is able to resist.
    Dirty Frank decides to steal the amulet. There is a fight. It is interrupted by another call on Cody’s walkie-talkie. “Thor, this is Wolf Leader. We’ve got your place surrounded. Come out with your hands up.” The PCs look out the windows. A big Dodge Crew-Cab is sitting in the cul-de-sac. A jeep and a Suburban have pulled around behind the house. Each vehicle has several armed survivalists. Cody’s walkie talkie is also a GPS, enabling the wolves to easily track him.

    There is a standoff and mass confusion among the people at the party. Several try to escape or to confuse the Wolves of Blood + Honor outside, and eventually a gunfight breaks out. Tyler makes a run for the car, armed only with a fire extinguisher. He throws it at a survivalist, hitting him in the head so hard that he kills him. The other survivalist shoots Tyler three times. Tyler dies instantly.

    Jackson, aka “Wolf Leader” kicks down the front door and enters the house. Mercedes, one of the party guests, shoots Wolf Leader in the chest, but it has no apparent effect except to knock him back briefly. There is a bullet hole in his shirt but no blood. He tells them to give up if they want to live. The rest of the characters surrender. Wolf Leader orders Earl to put the amulet on the ground. The wolves stow the amulet in a bag, being careful not to directly touch it.
    The wolves take the amulet, Cody, and the bodies of Tyler and the dead survivalist. They drive away. The Five Finger Death Punch song comes to an end.


  • Thanks for doing this. I've got notes from the past two sessions of yours that I can put up in the next day or so.

  • @Justin said in Wolves of Blood + Honor:

    Thanks for doing this. I've got notes from the past two sessions of yours that I can put up in the next day or so.

    Thanks. I'm going to post a brief synopsis from each episode, but notes from a character's perspective would probably add some interesting context.

  • Wolves of Blood + Honor, Episode 2:
    played at Nerdlouvia, November 13, 2016


    • Westley as Cyrus Matthews, Journalist. SAN 50, LUCK 30, DEX 70. Investigating for a story.
    • Jackson as Derrin McElroy, archeology student from Wisconsin. SAN 50, LUCK 50, DEX 40. Customer of Jeremy, friend of William Lee. Avid rock climber and frequent visitor to the refuge, so therefore opposed to the Wolves.
    • Jorge as Jeremy Redrock, the drug dealer. SAN 50, LUCK 55, DEX 80. Source for Cyrus. Dealer for Derrin McElroy and William Lee. Knows Joshua as William’s little brother. Jeremy is opposed to the Wolves of Blood + Honor because he is a Native American activist.
    • Kyle as William Lee, the horror author. From Pinebox. SAN 40, LUCK 60, DEX 60. Interviewed by Cyrus. Brother of Joshua. Customer of Jeremy. Has brilliant idea for a novel. Curious.
    • Reuben as Joshua Lee, High School Nerd, DEX 50, SAN 70, LUCK 55. Took classes with Derrin. Brother of William. Following his brother.
    • Justin as Jakub, Time-traveling Polish Partisan. Jakub was trapped in the Dreamlands during an earlier Achtung! Cthulhu adventure, while he was defending Poland against the Nazi invasion of 1939.

    Part 1 – Introduction

    Jakub has been living in the dreamlands for what seemed to be thousands of years, ever since he was trapped there physically after entering through Bald Mountain in Poland during the Nazi invasion of 1939. In the dreamlands, Jakub has been acquainted with Gn’ag, who visits the dreamlands while sleeping in his mysterious underground realm of K’n-yan. Gn’ag is the ruler of the underground empire of K’n-yan. Suddenly Gn’ag appears to Jakub and asks him to return to Earth. K’n-yan is under attack from the surface world, and Gn’ag instructs Jakub to discover why the surface-dwellers are attacking and to try to interfere with the attack. Gn’ag casts a spell, sending Jakub back to Earth.

    Jakub suddenly appears in the parking lot of the Dollar Tree shopping center in Pinebox, New Mexico on November 9, 2016. He is almost struck by a car: it is driven by William Lee, with passengers Joshua and Derrin. Jakub is wearing dreamlands garb: colorful clothing, with armor and medieval weapons. Jakub tells them that he is on a mission to find an entrance to an underground realm that is being invaded by surface dwellers.
    William, Joshua, and Derrin know that a local survivalist group, the Wolves of Blood and Honor, have established a base in the Hollow of Cross-O Mountain in the Wildlife Refuge. Their friends Cyrus and Jeremy are planning to investigate.
    Joshua and William know that the Hollow of Cross-O Mountain is rumored to be haunted. Some visitors see a ghostly apparition of a nude one-armed woman whose mouth is stitched shut.
    Jakub wishes to join them, suspecting that the haunted Cross-O Mountain may be connected to his quest.

    Part 2 – The Wildlife Refuge

    Cut to Cross-O Mountain. All of the characters are looking down at the survivalist base in the Hollow of Cross-O Mountain. Down below, there are five all-terrain vehicles parked in a semi-circle: A dodge supercab pickup, a jeep wrangler, a jeep Cherokee, a suburban, and a Ford Ranger. A teutonic cross is emblazoned on the sides of the Cherokee, and on a flag that is flying from the antenna of the Ranger: The tailgate of the Ranger is down and there seems to be something piled up in the bed of the truck under a tarp. Three camping tents are set up within the semi-circle. Beyond the tents there is fresh earth around a large hole that has been dug in a shaded spot. Picks and shovels are lying around it. A young man in camouflage clothing is standing around talking to a young woman in jeans. They both have assault rifles and holstered pistols.

    The investigators attempt to sneak up on the base. The Lee brothers make noise, causing the guards to see all of them except Jeremy and Jakub. The guards start to take everyone captive, handcuffing them with zip-ties. Jeremy and Jakub sneak up behind the guards and capture them.

    The young man is Marcus Jackson, younger brother of Randall Jackson. The young woman is April, his “common law wife.” Once captured, they can relate the story as they know it: Randall Jackson met T’il-Hthah-Vor, a noble of K’n-yan, in the dreamlands. T’il-Hthah-Vor convinced Randall to open the gate to K’n-yan, offering him sanctuary in K’n-yan. T’il-Hthah-Vor wants Randall’s help to overthrow the ruler Gn’ag. Gn’ag opposes this plan, so T’il-Hthah-Vor plans a coup when Randall’s group opens the gate.

    In the bed of the Ranger are three strange artifacts under the tarp: an octopus-headed idol and a serpent-headed idol. The octopus-headed idol is made of usual bluish metal, and the serpent headed idol is made of gold. Each appears to weigh about twenty pounds. There is also something wrapped a brown safeway grocery bag - a gold seven-sided amulet with a red jewel that weighs about five pounds. All have hieroglyphical symbols. A history check reveals them to be Sumerian hieroglyphs.

    (pics from and

    Marcus tells them what has happened in the last few days since the Wolves of Blood + Honor arrived at the site...

    First, the Wolves blew open the entrance with explosives (hand-made nitroglycerine). Jackson and most of the others went down inside. They fought something down below then brought up two idols, now in the back of the truck, and gave some first aid to some wounds they had received. Then they went back down.
    They came back up after more fighting, and announced that one member of the group, Mason, had been killed. They brought up an amulet as well and put it in the truck before going back underground.
    Cody McCarty came up and said that he had been sent into town for more supplies. After he left, they noticed that the amulet was missing. Jackson and several others pursued him. They returned with Cody and the amulet, plus the bodies of Carl the Wolf and Tyler, Cody’s brother. They took them all down below and haven’t been back up since.
    There are, or were, seventeen total Wolves. Minus Marcus and Jennie, Carl and Mason there are 13: 9 adult men and 2 women, plus a teenager and pre-teen boy.

    The investigators put the amulet on Marcus. Marcus becomes robotic and his voice changes dramatically. Marcus has been possessed by Gn’ag, the ruler of K’n-yan. Gn’ag, in the body of Marcus, greets Jakub and offers to lead them to K’n-yan. The investigators release Marcus, now controlled by Gn’ag. They leave April tied up.

    Part 3 – Underground

    The hole in the ground reveals a heavy door . The door appears to have been blasted open with explosives. Stairs lead down to a large cavern. An archway leads to a passage that goes further underground. Several dead bodies lie here. The bodies of two members of the Wolves are lying on the floor arranged side by side with arms folded, as if lying in state.

    • One dead survivalist has a brutal head wound (inflicted by Tyler Suther).
    • The other dead survivalist was disemboweled and had his throat torn out, as if attacked by a large animal. A trail of blood shows that the body was dragged here from the archway.
    • The body of Tyler Suther also lies here with gunshots to the head and chest, though his body is not as neatly arranged and his arms are not folded.
    • Another body is staked down and still moving. It is clearly a corpse but animated. It is a nude albino woman with one arm and her mouth stitched shut. The missing arm appears to have been amputated. The body has multiple gunshot and stabbing wounds, and there are rope burns around the neck and wrists. The remaining arm and both legs are staked to the floor. It was dragged from the area beyond the archway.

    Through the archway is another chamber. In the center of the far wall is a round hinged door that is opened. The door is six feet wide and does not appear to have a lock. Both sides of the hatch are covered in glyphs surrounding a large symbol. There are blood spatters and footprints in the dust around the center of the room. It appears that the one-armed corpse was fought, subdued, and dragged from here. The bloody drag marks from Mason’s body come from beyond the gate. Gn’ag is impatient for the group to hurry.

    Beyond the gate are a maze of natural caverns. There is a foul smell that leads to the body of a huge creature. Gn’ag identifies it as a gyaa-yoth. It was clearly killed by multiple gunshots. The mouth and forepaws are bloody. The survivalist’s body was dragged from here. There is also an albino human corpse wearing a red loincloth, also killed by multiple gunshots. Gn’ag explains that the ruling faction wears red loincloths, while the rebels wear gold. They follow the tracks of the Wolves of Blood + Honor further into the caverns.

    (pic from

    Soon they encounter another warrior riding a gyaa-yoth. This warrior wears gold, and assumes that the Investigators are more of the surface dwellers aligned with his faction. Gn’ag casts a spell that withers the warrior’s arm, and the investigators finish the work of killing the warrior and gyaa-yoth.

    Part 4: The Subterranean Empire of K’n-yan

    The caverns open into a huge underground realm lit by phosphorescent blue light. An underground city can be seen in the distance – They can see the site where Randall’s troops have taken a defensive position and are fighting with guardians of K’n-yan.

    The investigators suggest to Gn’ag that he should infiltrate the Wolves of Blood + Honor and ambush the leader, Randall Jackson, since Gn’ag has possessed the body of Randall Jackson’s brother. Gn’ag thanks them for this fine suggestion, and heads towards the fight to do this.

    G’nag uses telepathy to contact Jakub. He instructs Jakub to take the other investigators captive. Since they have found the underground empire of K’n-yan, they cannot be allowed to leave. Jakub feigns agreement, but leads the other investigators back to the surface. G’nag contacts Jakub again to angrily denounce him for this betrayal. G’nag tells Jakub that henceforth they must be enemies.

    Part 5: Epilogue

    Back aboveground, the investigators take one of the four vehicles and return to Pinebox.
    They drop off April, still tied up, in front of the police station. However, they discover that she was later released because she had not been accused of any crime.
    Cyrus writes a story that is published in the Albuqurque newspaper. He describes the underground chambers, but he leaves out the animated corpse, Gn’ag, the underground empire, and all of the supernatural elements. He includes pictures of the bodies of the dead survivalists and of Tyler Suther.
    A couple of the investigators later return to the site. They find that two of the remaining three vehicles are gone and the hole has been filled in.
    Jakub agreed to stay at Jeremy Redtree’s place on the reservation. Jeremy promised to get Jakub a fake ID.


    Unanswered questions:

    • Who filled in the hole and who took the missing vehicles?
    • What happened to Cody Suther, the brother of Tyler and Earl, who defected from the Wolves but was recaptured?
    • What happened to April after she was released by the cops?
    • and most of all, what about the ancient empire below Pinebox, the ruler of which is now concerned about threats from the surface world?

  • Thanks for this write-up Andy!

    Few added things from a player's perspective:

    Part 2

    • The teutonic cross on the jeeps was identified by someone in the party as the Iron Cross -- a symbol commonly associated with Nazi Germany.
    • The octopus-headed idol and serpent-headed idol were taken by members of the group. I believe one of the Lee Brothers took one and maybe Derrin took the other -- @Reuben , @klwint02 , @Jackson can you confirm?

    Part 3

    • We asked Gn'ag about that nude albino woman. I believe he said that she was being punished for something and that was why her corpse was reanimated.
    • The large symbol surrounded by glyphs on the door was not identified, but it looked like this:
      0_1482343086396_elder sign.jpg
      Part 4
    • The suggestion to Gn'ag was ingenious, so allow me to elaborate. Because Gn'ag was possessing the body of Marcus Jackson, the brother of Randall Jackson, he could easily get close to Randall and the other Wolves. We handed him an AK-47 and told him that once he was close to go nuts and have a good time. Admittedly, we high-tailed it out of there very quickly after this, but we did hear lots of gunfire and screaming, so hopefully the job got done.

  • Wolves of Blood + Honor, Episode 3:
    played at Heroes Comics, November 13, 2016


    • Westley as Cyrus Matthews, Journalist. SAN 50, LUCK 30, DEX 70. Continuing his investigation.
    • Joe as Grey Wolf, author. Lives on the reservation. Army vet. Has been interviewed by Cyrus. Knows Jakub from the reservation. Cousin of Jeremy Redtree. SAN 60. LUCK 40. DEX 80. 32-33 yrs old.
    • John as Brad McCracken. Former High School athlete. Now mechanic. Gets his drugs from Jeremy Redtree. Works at Jiffy Lube. Went to school with Tyler Suther.
    • Justin as Jakub, Time-traveling Polish Partisan

    November 11, 2016 – Pinebox, New Mexico

    Cyrus and Jakub continue their investigation into the mysterious fate of the right-wing survivalist group, the Wolves of Blood + Honor. Brad McCracken contacts Cyrus after he reads the newspaper story, because he is an old friend of Tyler Suther, whose death was revealed in Cyrus’ story. Grey Wolf also joins the investigation.

    Despite the newspaper story showing dead bodies, the investigators are frustrated that the city and county law enforcement agencies refuse to investigate. Both police forces say they have no jurisdiction because the alleged crimes happened on the Wildlife Refuge, which is Federal land. Calls to the Parks service and other Federal agencies also yield little progress, as various members of the federal bureaucracy pass the buck. Perhaps the federal bureaucrats are uncertain due to the unexpected results of the presidential election a couple of days earlier. A lot of their bosses are looking for new jobs. Do they want to do anything controversial?

    The investigators return to the campsite of the Wolves of Blood + Honor. There is a new ghostly sentinel for the site. The ghost of the one-armed woman has been replaced by the ghost of Randall Jackson, the leader of the Wolves of Blood + Honor. As the investigators approach the site, the ghost disappears.

    They search the tents and vehicles, but don’t discover anything new. They shovel the loose dirt to re-open the entrance to the underground complex. The investigators call 9-1-1 to report finding bodies, possibly dead. The Operator transfers them to the U.S. Parks Department, which contacts the U.S. military at White Sands, which has the responsibility for rescue services at the park. An Army rescue helicopter arrives. One crew member rappels down to join the investigators, while the helicopter leaves to find a landing zone. The crew member greets the investigators and identifies himself as Chief Warrant Officer 2 Shmetski. With Chief Shmetski, they head back underground.

    A lot of crazy stuff happens underground. The investigators find the animated corpse of Randall Jackson and destroy it. They remove the golden seven-pointed amulet from the corpse. One of the investigators is possessed by the amulet and tries to kill the others. They manage to remove the amulet and escape to the surface.

    Cyrus has the disabled amulet, the central jewel of which is smashed.

    Brad takes Tyler’s body. All he tells the authorities is that he found a hole in the ground, recovered Tyler’s body, and saw other bodies.

    Chief Shmetski witnessed the supernatural craziness underground. The military and federal government are now clearly interested in the site. Soon the site is secured by guards, fences, and barriers. The Federal government makes the entire site off-limits.


  • This could be amended when I get in front of the notes I took for the session, but I believe we did find something while looking through the tents / vehicles -- A book called the Protocols of the Elders of Zion (title could be wrong). As memory serves, we did a cursory read-through of the book, learning that it contained passages with language similar to Nazi propoganda, but did not read it fully. I believe it is in the possession of Cyrus Matthews ( @westlemania639 )

  • You are correct. The investigators discovered a copy of The Protocols of the Elders of Zion. It is a real book, or rather a real fake book, that is popular among neo-nazis. You can google it, but you might not want to google it at work, because it might take you to a hate speech site. Fake news has been trending lately, bit this was the grandpappy of modern fake news. Forged in Czarist Russia in 1903 as proof that the Jews were conspiring to take over the world by undermining the moral fiber of Christians. Proven fake in the 1920s. Believed and made popular by the Nazis.

  • The Subterranean Empire of K’n-yan, Episode 4: “Guided Dreaming.”
    played at Kaiju, 1/15/2017


    • Geri as Penelope Marston, Local high school history teacher getting continuing education credit at St. Damian’s. In the experiment because she is having trouble sleeping since her husband is deployed as a military medic. Wearing flannel PJs. LUCK 70, SAN 50, DEX60.
    • Micah as Connor McNally, Irish St Damian’s pre-law student and athlete. In the experiment for class credit. Wearning clan tartan PJ pants. LUCK 60, SAN 50 DEX 50.
    • AJ as George Cho, South Korean Engineering student (robotics) at St. Damian’s U. In the experiment to learn more about the science of sleep, to aid him in designing a sleep aid machine. Wearing St Damian's t shirt, shorts, and compression shorts. LUCK 55, SAN 60 DEX60.
    • Jenny as Ellie Satler, St. Damian’s Archeology student from Montana. In the experiment for class credit but also having disturbing dreams about dinosaurs. Wearing shorts and a Taylor Swift t shirt. LUCK35, SAN 50, DEX 40.
    • Clay as Charles Pilkington, a local Medical doctor from Mobile, AL. In the experiment because he heard rumors about it and is skeptical. Wearing scarlet monogramed silk pajamas. LUCK 65. SAN 60. DEX 60.
    • Thomas as Jordan Winter, local High School nerd. In the experiment because his parents arranged it, worried about the nightmares he has been having. Wearing a sweatshirt and sweatpants. LUCK 50. SAN 70. DEX 50.


    You find yourselves descending a staircase to the Cavern of Flame, before the hoary priests Nasht and Kaman-Thah who guard the seven hundred steps to the Gate of Deeper Slumber. Doctor Blödian is there waiting, dressed in colorful robes and pantaloons.
    Now you start to remember...You are participating in an experiment led by Dr Blödian. You went to the Sleep Center at St Damian's University earlier this evening. You changed into your sleeping clothes in a locker room and entered a laboratory with cots where you met the other subjects. You were connected to monitors and given injections. Then the attendant turned out the light and played relaxing classical music until you fell asleep.
    Doctor Blödian speaks to Nasht and Kaman-Thah, then leads you down the 700 steps to the Gate of Deeper Slumber and into the Dreamlands.
    You are wearing your pajamas.


    In addition to the player-characters and Dr. Blödian, there are two other participants: James and Rebecca. All eight subjects follow Doctor Blödian through the door and find themselves in the enchanted forest. Everything is technicolor and distances are distorted. Dr. Pilkington suspects that they are under the effects of a hallucinagin. George Cho asks whether the other subjects are appearing in his private dream or whether they are sharing a dream. Dr. Blödian evades the question, answering that he must compare their dreams in the post-experiment interviews.

    Doctor Blödian leads them along a path through the enchanted forest, explaining that he is taking them to visit a magician named G’nag. He says that G’nag is a great teacher. Dr. Blödian explains that he learned about the dreamlands from an ancient book in the St. Damian’s library rare book collection, titled Al Azif. As they walk, they see Zoogs watching them from the underbrush. Doctor Blödian warns them to stay together and not to stray off the path, because Zoogs are dangerous. “I don’t want you to have a bad dream.”



    It is difficult to measure the passage of time in the dreamlands, but after a long walk they reach a river and row a boat across to a city of many towers, domes, and minarets that looks like something from The Arabian Nights. This is the city of Thran. There are barges and sailboats at the crowded docks. They see people of many different races, including exotic people with blue hair, green skin, and other unusual features. Most wear costumes that resemble the styles of the renaissance or Ancient India or the Middle East.

    Dr. Blödian leads them to a gate in the massive city wall. The two burly guards, armed with polearms, tell them that they must describe three dreams beyond belief before they can be allowed in to the city. Ellie tells of a dream in which she was chased by dinosaurs that tap-danced on her head. Penelope tells of a strange dream in which they world seemed to fold sideways and she was walking on the side of a building. George Cho tells of a dream in which various animals such as bears, foxes, rabbits, and chickens were trying to break into his hiding place, telling him that he was also an animal. The guards find these dreams suitably beyond belief and allow them into Thran.

    As Dr. Blödian leads them through the crowded markets of Thran, they meets some passers-by. They sample some meat-on-a-stick from a food vendor, and Dr. Blödian buys more for them. It is quite savory. The vendor tells them that it is zebra meat. A middle-aged man who looks to be Central Asian complements Ellie’s Taylor Swift shirt. He introduces himself as another dreamer named Chalor Khan, who lives in Islamabad, Pakistan in the real world. When Chalor Khan hears that they are going to visit Gn’ag, he warns them that Gn’ag is an infamous evil sorcerer, and he warns them not to go. Dr. Pilkington heals the arm of a weapons vendor in exchange for a crossbow. The weapons vendor also warns them to stay away from Gn’ag. In both cases, Dr. Blödian explains that these warnings represent the subjects’ subconscious fears that must be overcome. The subjects continue to follow Dr. Blödian, albeit with varying degrees of reluctance.


    They enter the Tower of Gn’ag and ascend a long staircase that curves around the inside wall of the tower. Eventually it leads to a landing with a double door, though the stairs continue further up out of sight. Dr. Blödian opens the doors and enters a large chamber.

    Here they find Gn’ag seated on a throne-like chair. Along one wall are manacles, chained to the wall and tables of torture implements. Dr. Blödian greets Gn’ag, who is pleased that Dr. Blödian brought him dreamers as he requested. Gn’ag orders them all to manacle themselves to the wall. Dr. Blödian complies, as do his subjects with two exceptions: Jordan Winter turns and bolts, fleeing from the tower; Doctor Pilkington retreats to the other side of the room, trying to argue with Gn’ag.

    Two gugs appear at the door, summoned by Gn’ag. The sight of the gugs causes Penelope to suffer a bout of madness, blinding her. One gug chases Jordan. The other enters the room in order to catch Dr. Pilkington. Dr. Pilkinton evades the gug and shoots it with his crossbow, but the shot causes little harm to the massive gug. Gn’ag casts a spell that shrivels Dr. Pilkington’s leg, enabling the gug to catch him and manacle him as well.



    Gn’ag tells his prisoners the following:
    You surface dwellers are invading my subterranean empire of K’n-yan!
    We captured and interrogated one of the intruders, named Deputy Marshall Travis McShane. He told us that the leader of the invaders is SAC Brent Hunter. Deputy Marshall Travis McShane said that SAC Brent Hunter lives at the fifth inn in a pine box.
    You must complete two tasks in order for me to set you free!
    Deliver a message to Brent Hunter. "Your minions will be destroyed. Cease your invasion of the underworld or your suffering will be a thousand times worse."
    Go to the site of the invasion and cast a spell to call the servants of Yig to slaughter the invaders. The spell is found in the Necronomicon:
    "ya YIG ezym! nahn alladhin yaebudun lak alttasawl hafzuk. Nadeu eabaydak litadmir huala' alkuffar 'amamana. Qate zaeimuhum wayueallimuh lilkhawf ghadbk!"
    Until you complete these tasks, you will return here in your dreams to be tortured!

    Gn’ag then slaps his hands together, and the subjects awaken in the sleep lab at St. Damian’s University.

    Meanwhile, Jordan has fled into the streets of Thran, pursued by the other gug. A stranger helps him to hide and escape the gug. The stranger somewhat resembles Gn’ag. He introduces himself as T’il-Hthah-Vor. T’il-Hthah-Vor is also from the subterranean empire of K’n-yan. He recently led a failed revolt against Gn’ag. When he realized that his revolt had failed, T’il-Hthah-Vor took a sleeping potion and entered the dreamlands before Gn’ag’s forces reached him and killed him. Now his body is dead but his spirit lives on in the dreamlands. T’il-Hthah-Vor seeks revenge against Gn’ag and wants Jordan’s help. Before he can reveal his scheme, Jordan is awakened by the noise of his fellow experimental subjects in the Sleep Lab.


    It is 5AM as they wake in the Sleep Lab. Dr. Blödian enters, obviously frightened, and says that he was surprised by Gn’ag’s betrayal. James and Rebecca do not seem alarmed, still believing that it was just an odd dream. They leave. George Cho punches Blödian, who apologizes for trusting Gn’ag. They ask about the “Necronomicon” that Gn’ag mentioned. Blödian tells them that it is the English name for the book Al Azif from which he learned about the dreamlands.

    They piece together several clues:

    • Dr. Pilkington knows that the hospital emergency room has recently treated several mysterious patients. All were some sort of law-enforcement agents suffering from strange and gruesome wounds such as amputations, burns. Those accompanying the patients refused to explain the causes of the wounds, Some hospital workers overheard them saying that they had come from "the refuge." Presumably this is the Federal Wildlife Refuge in the mountains west of Pinebox.
    • Several of them have read a newspaper story by local journalist Cyrus Matthews, written in November, which told how a White Supermacist group excavated an underground complex in the Wildlife Refuge, where several dead bodies were discovered. Since then, the area has been placed off-limits by the Federal Government.
    • George Cho searches for Inns in Pinebox. He finds the La Quinta Inn. Jordan’s basic knowledge of Spanish confirms that “La Quinta” means “The Fifth.”
    • Penelope finds Chalor Khan on the internet and exchanges messages with him. He confirms that the Dreamlands are real, and that it is a shared world that anyone can enter from their individual dreams if they know how. He promises to try to convince the rulers of Thran to rescue them from Gn’ag.

    The group goes gun shopping at “Pinebox Pawn and Gun” then they visit the La Quinta Inn. There are three cars in the Parking Lot with government license plates. One has a military base decal for “White Sands.” From the front desk clerk they learn that a group of government agents have been staying at the La Quinta Inn for over a month. Brent Hunter is one of them, but he left this morning and probably won’t return until evening. The cars in the parking lot belong to agents that work the night shift.


    The group takes two cars to visit the base in the Wildlife Refuge. They pass a “No Unauthorized Visitors Beyond This Point” sign, and then fast-talk their way past a security guard, with Dr. Pilkington claiming that he was called to treat a patient. The base consists of several vehicles and trailers around a large hole in the ground. Electrical and communications cables run from generators and trailers into the hole. At the base, they met Brent Hunter and give him the message from Gn’ag. This of course is very suspicious, and the government agents at the base take them all into custody and question them. Because they are cooperative, they are treated somewhat gently. The questioning takes all day, and they are confined in a trailer overnight.

    Despite their best efforts to stay awake, Connor, George, and Ellie eventually drift off to sleep. They find themselves back in manacles at Gn’ag’s tower. Gn’ag then tortures them brutally. He gauges out eyes, chops off fingers and toes, burns them, and performs other horrific acts. Connor and George both go mad, but have no way to flee or otherwise manifest their madness. As they cry out in their sleep, the other members of the group shake them awake, ending the nightmare.

    As dawn approaches, they hear a voice in the distance. They recognize it as Doctor Blödian. They hear him recite the spell that Gn’ag commanded: "ya YIG ezym! nahn alladhin yaebudun lak alttasawl hafzuk. Nadeu eabaydak litadmir huala' alkuffar 'amamana. Qate zaeimuhum wayueallimuh lilkhawf ghadbk!"
    Moments later, they hear the rattle of a rattlesnake. Then they see other snakes slithering towards the camp- hundreds of snakes. The guard outside of their trailer panics and runs for the command-and-control vehicle. He opens the door of the command vehicle as the snakes start to bite him. The other agents try to help him, but the snakes stream through the open door of the command vehicle. Agents shoot at the snakes until they run out of ammunition, but there are too many snakes. More snakes pour down into the hole in the ground that leads to the subterranean complex. The dreamers are safe in their locked trailer.

    Soon all of the government agents are dead, with one exception: The snakes ignored Brent Hunter, even as he tried to defend his fellow agents. After several minutes, the snakes slither away and disappear. Brent Hunter releases the dreamers from their trailer. He is white as a sheet and trembling. “I think I can appreciate the message that you brought me” he says. He tells them they can leave, and that someone may contact them in the future for more information, but it won’t be him. He is quitting this assignment.


  • The Subterranean Empire of K’n-yan, Episode 5: “The Necronomicon.”
    played at Kaiju, 1/29/2017

    Dr Blödian of St. Damian’s University led a U. S. Marshall, Travis McShane, to the St Damian library rare books collection. The Marshall ordered the librarian to hand over the Necronomicon because it was being seized as evidence in an investigation. The librarian called the U.S. Marshalls to inquire afterwards, but the office said that McShane was on administrative leave and there was no order to seize the Necronomicon.
    Dr Blödian has acting very odd lately. A recent experiment led to complaints by the subjects, who said it gave them nightmares. He seems very distracted and has been late for class. He has also been evading calls and messages to explain his role in the Necronomicon's disappearance.
    Other recent news:
    Back in November, the Wolves of Blood and Honor seized a site at the wildlife refuge, but then disappeared. In early December, a federal law enforcement and military encampment appeared on the site. In early January, the federal encampment on the wildlife refuge suddenly was removed. It was replaced by signs that say "Keep out. Site of multi-victim snakebite incident."
    The characters are seeking Doctor Blödian, each for different reasons.


    • Eric as Rico Feuterez, a journalist from Pinebox. Investigating to find a good story. LUCK 35. SAN 50. DEX 70.
    • Matt as Gus Bradley, Engineering Student from Seward Nebraska, from farming family. First to go to college. Adjusting to no longer being big fish in small pond. Thick rural accent. Student of Dr. Blödian. LUCK 20. SAN 60. DEX 60.
    • Ingrid as Rhonda Volantez, from Venezuela. High School History Teacher. Teacher of Jordan Winter, one of the experimental subjects that was traumatized by the experiment. LUCK 55. SAN 60. DEX 50.
    • Micah as Connor McNally, Irish St Damian’s pre-law student and athlete. Survivor of the experiment. Wearing clan tartan PJ pants. LUCK 60, SAN 50 DEX 50.
    • Angie as Nellie Hill, Business Owner of Jewelry Shop “High Moon” from Santa Monica. Half Apache. Dating Dr. Blödian. LUCK 65, San 50, DEX 40.

    The characters meet up at the High Moon jewelry shop, in the classroom for healing stones. They drink tea and discuss the mystery. Nellie knows that Dr. Blödian was believer in the teachings of Carl Jung and his quasi-spiritual concept of the collective unconscious. Connor is reluctant to describe the experiment, but eventually tells the story of the previous episode.

    They then drive to the La Quinta Inn Hotel, where the federal agents had been staying. The clerk tells them that the federal agents all checked out quickly and disappeared in early January. From the hotel bills, they get the phone number of Brent Hunter, the FBI Special Agent in Charge. They call Brent Hunter, who warns them to stay out of the situation. Agent Hunter tells them that Federal Marshall Travis McShane disappeared on an expedition into the caverns that were discovered in the Wildlife Refuge.

    They visit the Coroner’s Office to learn more about all the Federal agents that were killed by snakes in the incident that Conner survived in the previous episode. The coroner’s office clerk tells them they haven’t seen a corpse that was killed by snake bites in a long time. The coroner’s clerk tells them that her friends at the St. Damian’s emergency room told her that there were several incidents where Federal agents were treated in the emergency room for weird wounds but didn’t survive. In each case, the feds took the body away and didn’t let local authorities investigate.

    They visit the Sherriff’s office, but no one there had any useful information. The missing Necronomicon was reported to them, but they refer any complaints to the federal authorities.

    They visit the sleep center and meet with Dr. Blödian’s research assistant, who is concerned about sharing the blame for the nightmares experienced by the subjects of Blödian’s experiment.

    The group visits Dr. Blödian’s condo. The neighbor recognizes Nellie, Blödian’s girlfriend. The neighbor complains about the chanting and grunting noises coming from Blödian’s condo. Nellie knocks on the door and Blödian answers the door to meet her. He seems frightened that she has come, and warns her to leave. A deep sinister voice within the condo warns Blödian to order the visitors to leave. Nellie and Rhonda grab Blödian and drag him to their car. A dark winged monster appears in the condo. They all flee. When the neighbor asks what is happening, Rico tells the neighbor to go to Blödian’s apartment, coldy sacrificing the neighbor to buy time. The monster kills the neighbor and chases them to the car. As they jump in the car, the monster attacks Connor, but he evades the monster’s bite. They drive away quickly. The creature flies into the air and disappears into the night sky.

    Gus and Rhonda get in Gus’s truck and leave (exiting the adventure).


    Rico, Nellie, and Connor drive off in the car with Blödian. They stop the car in the road some distance from the condo and question Blödian. He tells them that McShane is wearing a slave amulet and is possessed by Gn’ag. Gn’ag learned about the Necronomicon from Blödian and has been studying it through McShane’s body in Blödian’s condo. The monster is a byakhee summoned by Gn’ag. As Blödian explains this to them, the byakhee appears from out of the sky and lands on the hood of the car, attacking them through the windshield. Connor blasts it with a shotgun, knocking it off the hood into the road. Rico runs the byakee over with his car. It disappears.

    They drive back to the condo. Blödian vows to confront Gn’ag. He enters the condo alone and engages in magical battle. He loses and explodes, leaving blood and organs all over the walls. The other characters burst in. Gn’ag, in the form of Marshall McShane, casts a spell of withering on Connor, causing the student-athlete’s right arm to shrivel up into a tiny vestigial thing. They shoot Gn’ag/McShane, killing him.
    Expecting the police at any moment, they search the condo quickly. They find the Necronomicon and leave.


  • The Subterranean Empire of K’n-yan, Episode 6: “I Have Had It with These Motherfuckin’ Snakes on This Motherfuckin’ Hill!
    played at Kaiju, 1/29/2017


    • You are investigating the property of Randall Jackson, leader of a right-wing survivalist group called “The Wolves of Blood + Honor.” Jackson is rumored to be dead. Several other members of his family and survivors of the group still live on the property in the desert north of Pinebox.
    • This morning, Mrs. Cox, the manager of the rare books department at the St. Damian’s University Library, showed up to work looking very tired and distressed. Shortly after arriving, she told her co-workers that she had no choice but to go to the home of the Jacksons, leaders of the Wolves of Blood + Honor. After Mrs. Cox left, her co-workers realized that the Necronomicon was missing.
    • Last November, the Wolves of Blood + Honor established an illegal camp in the local Wildlife Refuge and excavated an underground complex. The Wolves of Blood + Honor then disappeared, and a secretive government base was established at the same site. Recently, the government base was removed and replaced with a sign that says "Caution: Site of multiple casualty snakebite incident. No digging."
    • Last week, Federal Marshall Travis McShane appeared in the rare books department of the St. Damian's University library, accompanied by Doctor Blödian. Marshall McShane acted very oddly, speaking and moving robotically. McShane ordered Mrs. Cox, the manager of the rare books department, to give him the Necronomicon. He claimed that it was evidence for a case. The next day, McShane was found dead in Blödian’s condominium with multiple gunshot wounds and a grisly 6-inch-wide octagon-shaped hole cut in the middle of his chest. Dr. Blödian’s body was in pieces all over the room, having apparently exploded. The Necronomicon was anonymously returned to the library rare books department, until today…
    • This morning, Mrs. Cox, the manager of the rare books department at the St. Damian’s University Library showed up to work looking very tired and distressed. Shortly after arriving, she told her co-workers that she had no choice but to go to the home of the Jacksons, leaders of the Wolves of Blood + Honor. After Mrs. Cox left, they realized that the Necronomicon was missing. It is an antique book from the 16th Century. The library sy fear that she took it with her. The police refuse to do anything, since she went of her own free will, and they don’t think that a library book taken by an employee justifies police action.


    • Goesif as Grey Wolf, author and war vet. Author of “The Wizard’s Carnival.” Alerted by SAN 60. LUCK 70. DEX 80.
    • Geri as Mrs. Penelope Marston, HS History Teacher and grad student. Sleep experiment survivor. Warned about Gn’ag by Til Hthah Vor. Joshua Lee’s History Teacher. In the shooting club with Grey Wolf. SAN 40, LUCK 75 - 73, DEX 60.
    • Justin as Jakub/ Robert Webster, photographer. Went to K’n-yan with Joshua Lee, then later with Grey Wolf. Went to Dreamland amusement park with Grey Wolf and Joshua Lee. Wants to stop Wolves from getting the Necronomicon. SAN 82, LUCK 57 – 53., DEX 60.
    • Reuben as Joshua Lee, HS Nerd, survivor. Heard about Blödian from Jordan Winter. Went to check out Necronomicon and heard about missing Necronomicon. SAN 66, LUCK 62. DEX 50.


    • Joshua Lee is a classmate of Jordan Winter, the high school student who survived Doctor Blödian’s dream experiment. Joshua heard about the Necronomicon from Jordan and became curious. He goes to the St. Damian’s University Library to see the book, where he learns that Mrs. Cox had just disappeared with it. Joshua calls his teacher, Penelope Marston, and the others, who agreed that they should investigate the Jackson property.
    • They meet in the library parking lot. Penelope has a lot of questions. Grey Wolf and Joshua Lee brought binoculars. Jakub supplies everyone with walki-talkies. Joshua wears the golden armor that he acquired in the subterranean empire of K’n-yan. Grey Wolf drives his 4x4 jeep. Penelope drives her sedan with Joshua and Jakub. The Jackson property is in the desert, which is filled with scattered low scrubs.
    • As the investigators approach, they see a hill on the Jackson property, atop which is a flagpole flying the “Don’t Tread on Me” flag and another flag with the Iron Cross flag of the Wolves of Blood + Honor. Signs around the property line say “No Trespassing, Sovereign Property.” They notice a lot of hawks flying around. They notice that there is a camera on top of the flagpole, but it is fixed on the
    • Penelope parks her car beside the road with the hood up outside of the property. Everyone rides in the jeep across the desert. They cross onto the property, with the hill concealing them from the compound. They park and start to climb the hill. Snakes approach them from all directions, mostly poisonous rattle snakes and coral snakes. They realize that this is not natural behavior for snakes to be aggressive. A snake bites Joshua, but he is saved by his golden armor. They fight off the snakes and escape on foot back across the property line. The snakes do not follow them beyond the property line. Unfortunately, they left the jeep on the Jackson property, and there are now dozens of snakes blocking their way back to it.
    • A vehicle approaches on the road. It is two of the Wolves of Blood + Honor. They see Grey Wolf and ride across the desert to confront him. One draws an AR-15 and challenges Grey Wolf. Grey Wolf quick-draws his pistol and shoots both legs of the survivalist with the AR-15. The rest of the investigators swarm in and take the two survivalists hostage. They are Mason and Carl. They interrogate Mason, the unwounded driver.
    • Mason tells them what happened after the Wolves of Blood + Honor were captured by Gn’ag’s forces in K’n-yan back in November. The leader, Randall, was killed and posted as an undead sentry to guard the entrance to K’n-yan. Another Wolf, Brody, was given an amulet, and has acted strangely and robotically ever since, issues the others menacing commands. Brody and the others were allowed to leave K’n-yan. Brody, now obviously possessed by Gn’ag, forced the others to enter the Dreamlands and imprisoned their dream-selves in his towner in the dream city of Thran, where he tortures them in their dreams if they do not do what he wills. Gn’ag has also imprisoned the dream-form of Mrs. Cox, who he saw when he visited the library while he was possessing Deputy Marshall Travis McShane. Gn’ag has forced Mrs. Cox to bring him the Necronomicon. Once she arrived, Gn’ag sent Mason and Carl to go into town and bring back a stone altar. They found two large concrete blocks at a hardware store and were bringing them back when they encountered the investigators.
    • Carl the survivalist is wounded badly from the gunshots, but they are unable to use first aid to save him. Grey Wolf shoots the helpless Carl and kills him in cold blood. They realize that the camera on top of the flag pole is now facing them.
    • A vortex appears in midair, and from it emerges a monster that is part insect and part dragon. It is a byakhee. They destroy the byakhee in a hail of gunfire and it disappears.
    • Penelope suffers a bout of madness and flees in her car back to town. Halfway there, she recovers and drives back to rejoin the group.
    • The investigators incapacitate Mason and leave him behind, and take the pickup truck. They drive the pickup across the boundary into the Jackson property and over to the jeep, crushing many snakes. Grey Wolf and Penelope jump over to the jeep and take it. Penelope fends off snakes that have gotten into the jeep as they drive both vehicles over to the mobile home compound.
    • Jakub tries to go around the edge of the compound, but encounters more snakes. They climb from their trucks onto the top of one of the mobile homes.
    • Jakub jumps down into the courtyard between mobile home trailers. The survivalists are still observing the investigators via the flagpole camera, so one of the survivalists opens fire from another trailer. Jakub takes cover. The investigators return fire and kill the survivalist. Grey Wolf sprays an extended burst from the AR-15 magazine into the side of the trailer. When the mobile home door opens again, Grey Wolf opens fire immediately and kills an elderly woman and child.
    • The remaining survivalists in the mobile homes yell from inside to say they will not resist, but they do not trust the investigators to let them in after seeing Grey Wolf murder the elderly woman and child. They tell the investigators that Gn’ag, Mrs. Cox, and others are in an underground bunker beneath the hill.
    • The investigators enter the underground bunker. They encounter Brody, possessed by Gn’ag, along with Mrs. Cox and another survivalist. Gn’ag casts a spell on Penelope, causing her right arm to wither and shrink so that she drops her rifle. Grey Wolf attacks Gn’ag but Gn’ag fends him off. The survivalist draws his gun and kills Brody.
    • The investigators smash the amulet on Brody’s corpse. After a discussion about what they should do with the Necronomicon, they destroy the ancient tome with fire. When they emerge from the underground bunker, they discover that the other survivors of the Wolves of Blood + Honor have fled.


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