LFG DnD 5e, Flexible Times

  • Looking for a group to play Dungeons and Dragons with in person. I am flexible on my available times for the most part. I will travel due to work from time to time, which means I may miss a session here or there. However, this will be communicated as I find out my work schedule. Weekly to bi-weekly would be fantastic. If there are any groups looking for another player to add to their ranks, I am game. Weekdays, I am free in the evenings and weekends I am flexible on time of day. I look forward to seeing if there are any groups to join!

  • @magpie Hey dude I run a weekly Dnd 5e session from noon to two in Jeffersonville Indiana at pearl st game and coffee. 405 Pearl St Jeffersonville, Indiana

    It is an open game to where anyone who shows up can play and if you miss a session or two it’s no big deal. We don’t take the rules too heavy and try to have as much fun as we can you’re welcome anytime. If you want to bring your own character we are currently level eight.

  • @quadzie I'm super interested in the Saturday game. Any chance you have an open spot?

  • Yea we always have a spot. We run an open table So whoever shows up can play no matter experience or commitment

  • @quadzie I am familiar with this location. I go there on occasion for a coffee and some board games. What level is your campaign currently out and what is the max out point for players? With 2 hour sessions. Too many players and I imagine it is hard to move the narrative forward. Happy to see that there is room for others to join.

  • We don’t really have a max out. If the game gets too big will split into two different groups but yes we do run rather large groups.

  • @magpie o and level 8 anything printed works for me.

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