Call of Cthulhu 7e

  • Looking to join a group or start one if anyone is interested! I'm familiar with several of the 7e scenarios, but open to brewing some in the future. I'm flexible on times and location, but I'd like to have a regular group. Let me know if you need a player or want to start a new group!

  • @itmathew26 I might be interested. I've been playing CoC since the 80's. I've started reading 7th Ed, but haven't finished it yet.

  • @ryan awesome, if we can get a few more people, we can all take a run through The Haunting or something similar to get familiar with 7e! I'd like to run through some of the smaller ones and work up to the new MoN or Horror on the Orient Express.

  • @itmathew26 Where and when are we talking? I've never played CoC but I've read everything by Lovecraft (including Sweet Ermengarde) so that has to count for something. I moved to the Louisville area recently and I'm up for whatever. Let me know.

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