LFG D&D 5e

  • Hey party people. I’m new to D&D, with some basic background knowledge. I’m looking for a chill group that can help with the learning curve. I’m free most afternoons/evenings, except Wednesday and Thursday. I’m in it for the adventure, the story, and the camaraderie.

  • Hey man, I'm new to D&D too and looking to find a group. It'd be cool to start a group with new players that could meet regularly at one of the game stores in town.

  • Judge

    You guys may want to post on some of the more recent threads looking for players also!

    Recent looking for group posts.

  • @itmathew26 I’d be down for that, man. We might see about reaching out to some of the other recent posters, as Mike suggested, as well.

  • Hey guys, I am also looking for a D&D group if you guys still have room. Feel free to add me to the list.

  • Hey I run a weekly group that runs every Saturday from 12-2 at pearl st coffee in Jeffersonville. (405 pearl st Jeffersonville

    We are an open table style game where everyone and anyone can join. We are playing 5e and are currently level 8 if you want to bring a character ahead of time. If you don’t feel comfortable making a character I bring pre generated too.

    We have a fun while not taking the rules to seriously. We are welcome to beginners experts or anything in between.

  • @quadzie, nice. I won’t be able to make the next three (maybe four?) Saturdays, but I’ll definitely swing by the first chance I get.

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