LFG D&D 5e and New Member/Player intro

  • Hi, My name's Jordan and I'm looking for a group to play D&D with. I have never played D&D before but I am fairly familiar with it.
    I have read most of the 5e Handbook and have made a few characters that I would love to play, as well as frequently listen to D&D podcasts such as "NADD Pod" and "Heros & Halfwits".
    I would also be bringing my lovely girlfriend, Mary, with me who has years of experience with D&D, especially with 2e.

    I'm looking for a group that could regularly meet (preferably weekly) on Mondays or Wednesdays. I have tried to make plans with other groups but either the the schedule doesn't work out or sessions get delayed or canceled.
    Mondays and Wednesdays work the best since I'm off work and Mary gets out of class around 330 those days.

    Side Note: Mary can DM but with her school schedule she would much rather be a Player this time around.

  • Jordan, Check out the games at Hero's Comics every other Friday (including this Friday). There's also a Saturday game at Pear Street Coffee at noon.

  • My group is actually looking for about two players. No problems teaching new people. Pretty loose rules wise. We play Saturdays though starting around 5 till we get tired, usually 11ish. Lemme know if you're interested

  • @thane Sorry to hopscotch on this post. Should you be looking for one more in addition, I would to throw my hat in the ring. If not no problem. Always worth asking!

  • Also hopping in. I posted yesterday in a different LFG post created by @jebachudnezzar who is also looking for a group to join. I'll let him come in and speak for himself, but I am definitely looking for a group or two to play with. I've played a decent amount of 5e, but have since moved cities and don't have access to my old group. My schedule is decently flexible outside of regular work hours. Let me know

  • @coltob, thanks for the pull. I have yet to play a game, but I’ve got some background knowledge, and am a fairly quick learner. If y’all’ve got the room, I’ve also got a fairly open schedule.

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